Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


it took 48 hours, a misfire and a lot of coffee but Destiny 2 has finally finished installing on my…

inbound update -.-


??? There is a ton to do. Raid, Luna’s Howl/Not Forgotten grind, spider bounties, Petra bounties, shattered throne, nightfall exclusive grinds, redrix grind, gambit, malfeasance…not to mention a new dlc coming out on a month.


I believe in you.


Yeah but it’s all boring. I can’t do the raid or the shattered throne because I’m not high enough. There are very few strikes in this game that are actually fun. Playing in crucible isn’t fun because it’s basically all the same now. Bounties just feel like a chore and the weekly ones are not worth doing as you’ll either get something that’s 1-2 light levels above or it’ll be the same. Gambit is fun but it gets tiring after awhile. None of the daily milestones feel rewarding anymore and I don’t have the shitty DLC pass because I don’t agree with what Bungie is doing with it.


Boss fights in this game:

  1. Shoot six bullets at boss.
  2. Boss runs away/triggers immunity.
  3. Repeat until boss dies or some close to death mechanic occurs.

I do really like the barons though. The hangman boss room is pretty cool. The mad bomber mechanics were pretty cool until after like 2 bomb hacks. Although the concept of the mind bender fight is cool, the room is really lacking in detail and is just a black shadowed blob. The boss fight isn’t really unique either. He just uses the same gimmick he has on his minions.

Other than that though, I like these new bosses.


Just to check, is the flashpoint on the tangled shore this week?





Cool thank you.


I think Bungie should tweak the Spider a little bit. Currently, his bounties simply grant glimmer and gear and whatnot. However, I think the bounties should act like the faction reputation materials you see for other planetary NPC’s. As you complete more bounties, you get more ranks with the guy, and potentially some discounts on masterwork cores and planetary materials and stuff. I also don’t get why you can’t make gear purchases from this guy.

This guy is pretty much a black market dealer, so maybe he should give you missions like Petra does to hunt his rivals on the shore/other places.


Ok Tiny… im going to hit start … right now.


Cool. Have fun. Be sure to read my advice.

Also, you can call me jeff, since that is quite literally my name and the name of Jeff Kaplan, who we both know is pretty much a meme of a game developer.


sigh -.-


Hahahahaha you suck.

Try loading it again. This sometimes happens to me when there are no maintenance fixes scheduled.


The reload did not help 8( I will try rebooting and I will try my phone as internet just for a control.

just checked the forums… people have been having issues since 3 or 4 days ago, (which is when the free copies went out) So either they are overloaded with new people getting the game or the game being destiny 2 and not the expanded version may not of been setup on the servers correctly or something.

Plus this makes me think my monitor is dirty.


Well here’s what you do, go to reddit and complain.

The devs are actually extremely responsive, but just really slow at changing things.


Has it worked for you @Kathryn_James?


I found this fusion rifle that could potentially be good. It has Liquid Coils+Rampage…and a charge time of only 580! How freaking good is that? It’s a blue that’s called Nox Cordis II I think.


I decided to take a nap… Now… i am trying again.




I thought the Hangman was gonna be a kind of gladiator arena fight where there were hordes of screebs and lantern smashers running at you, and death traps in the arena were spinning around and trying to kill you, but nope. The Hangman is a freaking wimp.