Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


time to jump into last wish bois.

Well maybe the Kalli encounter. That one looks incredibly simple.


Since I can’t access YouTube, Reddit, or pretty much any other gaming related site, I’ve come to ask here.

Leveling tips?

What is the best way to maximize 3.5 hours a week so I can start the raid as soon as possible.

My goal is to get to 540 by late November, possibly 550.

Also how can I get that Bygones curated god roll?


In general you want to prioritize Dreaming City activities for the most Power gains, but beyond that basically anything works if there’s a challenge for it.


Then is 540 a feasible amount to strive for?


Got a team kill as invader feelsgoodman.

I think I found the meta gambit gun: DARCI.

Now before the sleeper fanboys get mad, here’s my reasoning.

DARCI has a perk that grants bonus damage on locked on targets and plus, the gun is very sticky, meaning high damage headshots.

Furthermore, DARCI has a very big magazine and reserve size compared to Sleeper, which can only hold 3 shots, and when the ammo box crate nerf rolls around, will only be getting 2 shots per ammo crate. DARCI gets 7, enough to wipe a team even if it takes 2 body shots and 1 headshot for a full team, which should be incredibly easy to do for even the worst players PvP players.

Anyway I got a bad omens with field prep and genesis (really?)

EDIT: Anonymous Autumn with full auto+rampage/kill clip also SHREDS in Gambit. Recommend that you try it out.


Why is it that every gambit match the enemy stockpiles up 50 motes in the first 2 minutes and we barely have twenty?

Also, I love the greediness of some gambit players. They’ll walk past you to pick up motes, take their sweet time, then revive you, but by that time, you are instant respawned in the back of the map.

Then there are just those oblivious to the kill feed and obvious notifications that a teammate has died.

Also fuck Sleeper. That is all that needs to be said.

Either way though, Gambit is fun. I feel like this is gonna be the gamemode where I play nonstop and actually reset my ranks (unlike crucible). Oh yeah I forgot the part about getting severe anxiety as well. Can’t play gambit without serious mental breakdowns.


Got my first bow yeet. I got explosive payload on it.


…So I suck at gambit.

On an unrelated note, have you ever gotten a pile of blues that are all trash but then one just suddenly feels really good? That’s what I felt with a blue shotgun today. It has been the only shotgun I’ve done well with in crucible. It has flared magwell+moving target, so it was kinda built for PvP imo. It is called Fussed Dark Mk. 21 if anyone cares.


I believe there is a blue shotgun called the Botheration that is dominating at high levels of PvP right now.


I got it but I didn’t really like it.

Also that is pretty surprising. I figured stuff like dust rock blues, badlander, retold tale, or even mindbender’s would be top tier PvP shotties.


Double and triple valor next week bois. Time to grind my heart out and hope to reset my rank so I can make weapon purchases from the drifter finally.


For those that don’t wanna hand over 250 legendary shards to Rahool or waste time looking for enemies to kill:





Oops :stuck_out_tongue:


Really liking the forsaken campaign so far. Great cinematics and story as far as that stuff goes in Destiny 2. First time I actually bothered watching cutscenes in a video game before. The tangled shore is awesome. This map truly feels alive rather than the vanilla worlds. Full of cool details and magnificent structures. I love that hive ship in Jetsam of Saturn.

Currently pretty underleveled for hunting the barons, but I’m getting there.


Man if you were allowed to equip multiple exotics (for weapons and armor slots), I’d run Peacekeepers+Insurmountable Skull Fort and Riskrunner+Huckleberry with striker Titan. This sounds so fun.


SOOOOOo Blizzard just gave me a free gift of Destiny 2…

Guess I am going to join the fight soon ^.^ (pending bandwidth) (i am actually really excited for this but have to wait)


Nice! It’s really good now, so I would highly recommend you give it a decent go. Especially the new DLC.

EDIT: NVM I just realized Forsaken+2 previous DLC’s is $40. I still think it is really worth it.


I was on a pretty good bow roll today. Literally camped in the same corner for 3 minutes just sniping people with my bow.

I do notice a problem with bows though. It is really lacking in DPS because of the draw time, and there really isn’t a decent range at which you can use it. Close range is dominated by shotguns, mid range is dominated by pulse rifles and the really good 180 RPM handcannons, and long range is also taken over by pulses as well some scouts.

Bows have a terrible charge up time which means they’ll never outduel a shotgun/hand cannon wielder, since it takes 2+ seconds to fire off 2 fully charged shots. In midrange NOTHING beats a bygones or Luna’s howl or not forgotten, and at long ranges, bows can be good, but like I said, other weapon types still out DPS it.

The only way to slightly compensate for this DPS loss is by using Oathkeeper+a bow with explosive payload. Otherwise, bows are mainly just weapons you can use as a supplement to your team’s firepower and aren’t practical in duels. I think something needs to be fixed here, because I would really like to be that one archer with the sick bow montage.


But I like Bows and will probably take that path lol.