Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


I wish Destiny 2 would let you pick up bounties while in your inventory, it literally does nothing more to go to the tower and pick up crucible/strike bounties than waste time.

It is quite annoying for people like me who have to manage their time very precisely so that they can get a good run out of each session. Hopping into the tower to purchase bounties and going into a strike takes 10 minutes. Why not just create a menu for turning in tokens, buying bounties, and turning in bounties all at the same time?

It would not hurt anyone. It’s just a convenience issue.


Ey so turns out I have the Ikelos SMG. It must’ve fallen off a cliff when the boss died or something. The sad part is that I had to retrieve it from collections and now it is 20 power levels under leveled compared to my character. RIP. Maybe the one I was supposed to get was dropped off into the the postmaster? I sure hope so.

Also, I finally got the Polaris Lance today. Easiest quest ever. I just need those javelin kills and the perfect fifth kills and I’m all set for the catalyst.


Note that you actually have to kill the enemies with the perfect fifth and it can’t be the explosion that kills them… unless they changed it that is.


Wait isn’t the Perfect Fifth the actual explosion? That’s what the whole damn gun is about, right? It wouldn’t make sense to label it “Perfect Fifth kills” if they want you to get headshot kills. Why not just label it “Precision kills” instead?

Also, I can’t understand why Bungie changed Warmind quest exotics to drop at a low power level. I was hoping for a significant boost to my power level, but nope. I get smacked with a 340 Polaris lance when I’m at 366.

The same thing is gonna happen with my sleeper ugghhh…Hopefully Sleeper doesn’t take alkane dust to infuse like Inaugrual Address does.


I got a lion rampant and tractor cannon today from xur :thinking:

Why can’t the isochronal engram just give me a weapon?


Why does bygones have so much range?


Fun strategy/dicky move on Legion’s Gulch Control. If you see that someone is capping zone B (on the huge red legion vessel) and you are running sunbreaker, you can actually super near the area where you land after flying out of the huge propellor towards zone C (left of the map when standing on the red legion ship). There is a huge window from which you can hurl sunbreaker hammers through. It’s especially funny when there are multiple people on the zone.

I got a triple kill by doing that :rofl:

There might even be the possibility to shoot grenades onto that zone, although I think grenades automatically detonate after a certain point. It could work with The Prospector, however. The sticky grenades could be lobbed the whole distance. It’s just a matter of getting the right angle. I’m gonna test it out.

Also I thought having QuickDraw on a fusion would be good, but the charge time on Main Ingredient is shit.

I feel so bad about using Tractor Cannon in Crucible.


The ikelos smg is a monster. I never knew threat detector could be so good on a gun before. With x2, the stability is practically boosted to 100.


Damn Tractor Cannon is so strong. Pair it with Fusion Grenade and you’re doing 30,000 damage per grenade. Oof. I can’t imagine using handheld supernova with Tractor Cannon.

This week’s EP boss is awful. The boss rarely exposes the back and there is nothing you can do about it.


To those that have forsaken, how long do you think it will take me to get to 550 and attempt the raid if I can play 3.5 hours a week? (Not including getting to the soft cap, because that is relatively easy). I know there is a lot more to do now in Forsaken, with the dailies, bounties, and gambit, so I’m wondering how that will play into my leveling process. Also does Ace of Spades and Chaperone count as powerful reward?


The crucible daily challenge dropped me a lion rampant oof


Is it true that doing a quest for Amanda Holliday grants you a free catalysted fighting lion? This is too good to be true.


Yay free 380 exotic feelsgoodman


Once I get my fighting lion, I’ll be happy.


I think I might have gotten a mini whisper of the worm today.

The gun is the Fate Cries Foul. The roll I got with it was genesis+triple tap. Why is this good? With decent enough aim and the right situations, you can possibly shoot a lot more bullets than the magazine provides you with.

It isn’t as good as the whisper where you essentially never run out of ammo after three precision hits, but it is close enough.


Hey have y’all heard about the new nightfall farming exploit? I wonder if it works for all nightfall’s.


Better Devils with triple tap+kill clip.


Ok…so turns out my triple tap+genesis rolled Fate Cries Foul is actually not insanely powerful…

Anyway, I did never thought I’d see this, but I found a Polaris Lance user in PvP today.


I think Anon the nine is a rogue Bungie employee who has turned to the dark side to gather his leaked information.

Or this guy works for the CIA and is also a destiny fan, which in my opinion is not bad at all, cuz awesome leaks for future content is always appreciated.


I got forsaken

jeezes fuck yes