Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Can anyone help me with Escalation Protocol this weekend?

If not I’ll just try to get some clan mates to help.

I will be running my sunbreaker which is currently at 362. I know I’m a bit under leveled for stuff past tier 4, but I think I can manage and carry my own weight.

I’ve gotten to level 4 with 4 man random squads before, with no communication.

I just really want that Ikelos shotgun.


Finally got my second seed of light now I got the voidwalker super. I can’t wait to get my third so I can get the stormcaller super.



I debating on whether to start a warlock this weekend or do something serious like raid or nightfall.

My main argument for starting a warlock is cuz of that dawnblade Forsaken super buff. God damn that thing looks good. Plus I have been keeping a Karnstein Armlets in my vault for so long that I think now would be a good time to start warlock, especially since I’m getting Forsaken in about 3 weeks.


Yay purchased Sweet Business from Xur.

Also got Helm of Saint 14 from the random exotic engram.


Finally got my third Seed of Light, almost ready to get this raid train rolling


What power level are you?

Btw good luck.


Last Dance is actually surprisingly good for a sidearm.

Got mine with zen moment, plus a stage 4 stability masterwork so pretty much this thing has no recoil when hip firing.

I’m gonna try to solo the nightfall again this week. Last time I raised the power handicap way too high and I couldn’t even killl a shank without shooting it with half my magazine.

Also can someone explain what spider and Petra bounties are? Are they ridiculously hard or achievable by most competent players?


Currently around 535, should be good enough to make an attempt at it


I got a quickdraw Main Ingredient. Should be really good in crucible.


So…after 5 rounds of escalation protocol…STILL NO FUCKING SHOTGUN!!!.

Goddamn I am pissed right now. Fuck rng.

I did have tons of fun though. The lfg guys I played with were great and really patient and there weren’t people that just left after getting the gun.

I did get the Titan mark and about 15 of the Escalation Protocol shaders, plus the emblem.

It was about the most fun and best feeling I’ve had in D2 since beating the raid for the first time.

(I was also 20 power levels underlevled, and I was basically carried for round 7).

Also, goddamn Last Dance is so good. I’m doing like 1800+ damage per burst to enemies 10 levels higher to me. If you get one with a zen moment, rampage, or kill clip, DO NOT SCRAP IT.


Does anyone know the drop rate for an ikelos shotgun?

I find it hard to believe that clearing EP five times in a row gets no shotgun. That is pretty ridiculous.

Some people I played with got it the first time we cleared so I wonder if it is just rigged against me.

Another guy in my party didn’t get it to drop either.



Does nightfall scoring still work for people without forsaken?

I kinda wanna make an attempt at that primary grenade launcher if I can.


I did end up getting that strike shotgun finally.

Guess what roll I got with it though?

field prep and snapshot sights

I guess this really fits into the “camp with a shotgun meta” oh wait no it’s the “run and gun shotgun meta” so Field Prep is USELESS!

Atlanta D is actually a pretty good gun.

I really like collections. Through it, I will never need to worry about running out of that sweet, sweet escalation protocol shader.

Toil and Trouble is a shotgun though, and shotguns are one of my favorite PvE weapons so yeah…Why do nightfall rank exclusive rewards drop as random drops though?


Huh. Toil and Trouble is actually pretty fun to use.

I’m gonna give it a go in crucible when I get the chance.


I think I’m up to my 10th Escalation Boss kill.

No SMG though. It is a sad world.

I’ve also got the legs. Just three more weeks till the full set.


If you get an Anonymous Autumn with full auto+rampage/kill clip, you have to try it out in PvE. This thing can three shot hive knights with kill clip procced. It is insane.

Put a Major Spec on it, and you’ll be practically melting the big bois.

The only real downside to this weapon is how small the magazine is, plus there are like no ammo reserves either. You can burn through ammo very quickly with this gun.

EDIT: Oh shit…I forgot about Xur


Since I may be getting forsaken in about a week or so, is there any powerful item reward I should be notified about in the campaign?

If so, I’m just gonna try and reach the soft cap before starting the campaign by doing public events so that I can maximize my power potential.

I heard certain Baron fights and campaign missions grant powerful items and dreaming city gear?


You know that gun called Death Adder? Yeah neither did I until I got it. It is an Io exclusive weapon. It’s a veist submachine gun, and guess what? It is awful!

Considerably bad stability, poor damage output, rather weak range. I only keeping it because it is the highest level energy weapon I have.

Veist guns are so bad wtf. Well besides the linear fusion rifles, but they are the only company that even makes linear fusion rifles so that doesn’t even count,

Why the hell does Omolon not make linear fusion rifles.