Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Agreed, although the thought of having to do this raid multiple times honestly scares the crap out of me :smiley_cat:

Gonna be a while before I can even do it once


I heard someone soloed the Riven boss already!

These people are insane.

I still haven’t had the time to complete EoW yet!

I mean I know how to do it, but lfg can be really unreliable.


Since I give up on lfg, imma solo the nightfall tomorrow.

I am 80% sure the singe is solar, so imma be running talons of the eagle, merciless, and curtain call.

I hope it ain’t too hard. I’m like 85 above the required light level.


Fuck yeah! Xur is selling crimson!


Crimson is sexxxyyy!


So now Banshee gives Forsaken weapons?


I got a trash pulse rifle roll from Saladin lol. Fucking threat detector and grave robber. (I guess how that can sometimes help in PvP situations, but rarely are you gonna get in melee ranges with a pulse rifle). It did come with stability masterwork though. I’ll try it out before trashing it though.

I also got a random rolled Nameless Midnight. Ergonomic grip and Kill Clip. Not terrible, simply because of Kill Clip. Outlaw+kill clip would’ve been most preferable though.

I also got some random pistol which I believe is from Forsaken, but I’m not 100% sure. It is called Smuggler’s Word. That was from Banshee.

I got 2 wing contenders from shaxx and a strike helmet from Zavala as well.

I’m acting surprised because I don’t have forsaken, so I’m scratching my head as to why banshee is handing out forsaken weapons.

But damn getting banshee engrams is so expensive now. I think it is like 80 a pop!


I think the Steel Sybil crucible sword can have over 40 ammo!



I remember the old days when swords usually had around 90 rounds. I think. I don’t remember how many rounds D1 swords have but I know it is a lot more then how many they have now.


Jeezes…90 ammo…


I just had possibly one the best moments in crucible since 7 months ago.

I was playing iron banner (significantly underleveled). The map was Burnout.

Me and a couple teammates were pushing zone C (or A. It was a point in a small corridor).

A couple enemies were already in there, so I pushed in with my Shadowshot.

I think I managed to hook in 3 people, and then me and my team demolished all of them.

Considering those enemies were all light level 520-540 players (and that I am a horrible PvP player), I am pretty happy I managed to pull that off.

Also, applying the “Watermelon” shader to sealed ahamkara grasps makes you look like a dragon.

For some reason, holding Crimson with Sealed Ahamkara grasps makes you look so deadly in your own point of view. Just those spikes and everything, plus that bloody gun right in your field of view…

EDIT: Does recreating an exotic from your collections re roll the random perks on it? I kinda wanna do that with sealed ahamkara grasps for better perks, especially since it looks so cool.

Also is it true that infusing an exotic into another one of the same name cost nothing?

Also if anyone here is in need of a clan, ask cheetahboy5.

He just created a new clan because our old one was really inactive.


I now want all the ahamkara themed armor.

They look cool.

Plus applying watermelon makes you look like a dragon.

It is pretty cool.


That Iron Banner gun I was talking about yesterday (turns out it is called “claws of the wolf”), that gun is so fun to use.

The gun is, I believe, in the fastest firing pulse riffle archetype, but it is STABLE too!

It reminds me of the Requiem 45. That gun was so freaking stable and fired so quickly, enemies melted like butter.

It is just lucky that I got a stability masterwork on it.

It saddens me to think, however, what trashy perks I got on it.


I discovered this pretty nice semi auto crucible sidearm.

I forget the name of the gun, but it is pretty fun for PvP. I played around with it for a game and the gun has a surprisingly high damage output.

After turning in some crucible tokens, I got 2 more copies of it, but one had full auto+kill clip and the other had full auto+zen moment.

Pretty interesting combos IMO. I especially wanna try out the full auto+zen moment combo.

I generally don’t like sidearms because they look very underpowered and I don’t like the fact that to maximize damage output, you have to spam press the trigger so fast.

EDIT: I have 4 wing contender helmets now, no joke :stuck_out_tongue:. The game is trying to trigger me. GVE ME THE CHEST PIECE!


I got the dragonfly regalia hunter helmet. That thing looks niceee.

It was a pretty good roll too. I have a perk that buffs energy weapons and a special ammo finder perk.


I tried to solo the Exodus Crash nightfall with a score multiplier of 1.99x


I failed miserably.

I forgot to switch out my weapons before the strike, so I was stuck with a Ghost Primus, Anonymous Autumn, and Steel Sybil. So sad. A full CLIP of Ghost Primus couldn’t kill a damn vandal, even with the top row of perks that boot damage at the end of a magazine.

Btw Anonymous Autumn is the sidearm I was talking about. Rampage is normally good on any gun, but with the sidearm, it took a full clip to kill pretty much any enemy, so rampage was basically useless.

Oh yeah I also got a random rolled Last Dance. I am kinda excited to see the roll.

If it is something like outlaw and kill clip, I’ll be pretty happy (how excited can you get when it is only a sidearm?).


I’m considering to start a warlock this weekend.

Also guys, turns out “Watermelon” is the best shader.

Seriously. You have to see it.

It is such a good shader.

I’m gonna start stocking up on it.


Can someone explain to me what this new “Breakthrough” crucible mode is all about?

I think it is releasing tomorrow, right?

I hope it isn’t a Forsaken exclusive activity like Gambit.



I have a moving target+Tap the trigger last dance.

Really wanna try that out in Crucible…


TFW you see MTashed almost throw away his god rolled outlaw+kill clip, stability modified claws of the wolf, and you’re stuck over here with a threat detector+graverobber roll.


Is the Leviathan raid still available to complete for armor?

I know it is late, but I would still like the set of armor.