Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


I like the wing contender hunter set.

The helmet looks pretty badass.

The cape looks nice, but the shader I have on it are ugly as hell.

I’m gettng powerful gear left and right now.

I think over the course of these 2 days, I raised my power by like 8 points in just 2 hours.

I recommend the Mornin Comes Sniper Rifle. It’s an omolon weapon, so it makes that nice sound all omolom weapons make, but for some reason it is satisfying to hear on this gun. Rather small magazine but the gun hits pretty hard and feels pretty accurate. Got mine with void.


Yeah that’s Riven


I have this weirdass strike helmet. It looks ugly but it has nice perks :stuck_out_tongue:


I almost have the full set of hunter crucible gear. It looks pretty cool imo.

Now I’m just waiting for the strike armor set.

The fact that so many people are so highly leveled and that I am so weak is kinda frustrating, because now people aren’t gonna even join me for stuff like nightfalls. Today, one dude invited me to his nightfall group, but I guess he wasn’t very careful, and assumed I was level 50 like everyone else. When I joined, the first thing that happened was me getting one-shotted by a level 540 acolyte. I kinda wanted to tell him, but I thought he was pretty stupid so I just left without a word.

Also, Iron Banner is gonna have level advantages turned on, so I’m gonna be at a huge disadvantage. I hope bungie will compensate for that somehow.


Origin story+telesto+curtain call beware my enemies!


Imagine a rocket launcher with cluster bombs and kill clip o.O


Yay Iron Banner starts tomorrow! Can’t wait!

I hope I can get some really good rolls. From what I’ve seen, it shouldn’t be too hard either. I think by now most players have one god roll at least.


Would this be like “infusing” a piece of gear into another piece of gear but only for the looks?


If it’s the same as Diablo and Guild Wars, then yes, transmogrification is basically giving one item the look of another item


Ok cool.

I would actually really like that.


The Iron Banner armor this season is some weird Samurai-ninja themed armor.

It looks dope.

IMO the warlock one is the best.

I’m gonna be grinding as my hunter.

All I care about is the cloak and mask. That is it. Fuck the rest of the set.


I hope Bungie brings back those armor ornaments. They were fun little things that also looked pretty cool.

I personally did not have the time or skill to collect all of those, but it was certainly nice to get some.

In fact I think all endgame activity/timed week activity armor sets should get ornaments.

Bungie really does aesthetics well. (Well minus all the shit year 1 armor like dead end cure and variations of that.)

The hunter iron banner armor was the shit. I think it is only rivaled by the hunter EP armor. That was dope stuff right there.

Also, can any particularly good players tell me if playing Escalation Protocol still give rewards anymore?

EDIT: I’m thinking about a loadout for tomorrow. I’m thinking Antiope, Requiem 45, and curtain call. Does that sound good?


Wtf iron banner is awful. I hit all shots with telesto, the level 540 guy takes virtually no damage. He 3 taps me in the head, I get killed instantly.

I hit a guy with golden gun and it barely took away half of his health.

They need to get rid of this, or get some better matchmaking system in place.

It is such an awful experience for low leveled players.

On the bright side, I got an iron banner scout rifle with zen moment and rampage. It isn’t great, but it is a decent combo. I know rampage on a scout is kinda worthless, but hey who cares.

TBH level advantages is really stupid. PvP is meant to be about skill, not your level. It is not a good idea to merge Pve and PvP together, especially in something like this.

Really disappointed. It is not fun to get your face smashed in and get one tapped in the head by an Ace of Spades all the damn time.


Iron banana should have always been light level. It was originally kinda like ToO or TotN where you could get powerful gear from it. Ever since they stopped doing that it’s been a pretty big waste of time. Personally I like how it has light levels included and unless TotN have finally included that IB is the only PvP mode where it has that enabled.


Well even if that is what bungie’s gonna be rolling with, they should at least try to incorporate a better matchmaking system. I’m the only level 30 in a game of 11 other level 50’s

It really isn’t fun getting your face smashed in and getting less than 3 kills per game because your weapon shots do jack shit to the enemies.

If anything SHOULD be light based, it is Gambit (when talking about the PvP side of things). Invaders and defenders SHOULD do more damage based on how highly leveled they are. At least one teammate that is significantly under leveled can still do something for the team, in the form of killing adds and depositing motes. That teammate does not need to invade, so they don’t need to worry about getting their face smashed in. When there is an invader, they can hide and let teammates that are either higher leveled or higher skilled to take care of the threat. However, in PvP, one underl leveled teammate is basically an instant loss, unless one higher leveled teammate happens to be a 2 KD sweaty or something like that. People without forsaken like me are basically gonna have to hide in a corner for the whole match, or act like me, try to get kills but then get team shot by 3 people. That is why power level should not matter in PvP.

It may seem like a stupid complaint because I am only getting stomped because I don’t have forsaken, but you have to feel the pain to know what it feels like (lol thanks captain obvious). I’m gonna stop complaining once I get forsaken and get my light level up, but I think I can speak for players that don’t have a lot of money to spare for games or those that don’t play a lot, that this is really unenjoyable.


It is nice to see how destiny 2 has gotten nearly double the viewers on twitch and mixer.


Wow one thousand voices is SOOO good. It seems very confusing though. I don’t exactly know what kinda archetype the gun falls into. It seems like a short, charged burst of super heated tracer rifle laser. So a Facer Rifle?

It does so much fricking damage though!

It really does deserve that raid exclusive/exotic title.


Can’t wait for gambit demo tomorrow!


It’s basically just a Fusion Rifle that fires one long beam instead of 7 separate ones. It’s very reminiscent of Sleeper Simulant TBH. Definitely cooler than Acrius though.


It looks SOOO freaking strong!