Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Hey who’s hyped for last wish? I don’t even have the expansions and I am!


@Maximumlimit15 do you want to go memory fragment hunting on mars this weekend?


Nah sorry I already have them all.

Edit: plus I’m going to be busy pretty much all this weekend as a new game that I’ll be playing is coming out tomorrow.


Ah well ok.

What game are you gonna play?


Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna the Golden Country release are noon tomorrow for me and because I’ll be on an assembly schedule tomorrow I’ll download it and start playing it near the end of school since I don’t have to go to said assembly.


Ah cool. Have fun playing :slight_smile:


I’ll most likely be enjoying every second of it! I’ve been wait for 2 months.


I’m pretty psyched for Iron Banner.

Ok I like MOST of the changes bungie is making for iron banner, but one I’m pissed off about is the power level advantage. That makes it extremely unfair for people like me who don’t have forsaken. I’m literally gonna be fighting opponents 200 power levels higher than me and with better gear wtf.


Yays the raid is today yayz


Bungie is actually rewarding worlds first now. Worlds first gets a guaranteed Thousand Voices exotic drop! I’m excited to see Rivin the final boss who is an Ahmkara!


Yeah on top of that the first team also gets some cool bungie merch and a giant champion belt.


…it seems that when the playerbase gets more powerful, the worse they become at the game. I was with 3 other level 50’s doing EP, and it took us forever to get past level 1. I wasted so much time and when we finally beat level 1, I had to leave wtf.

Also why is xur selling garbage again.

Also aren’t ahamkara giant dragons? How the hell does Mara Sov own one? But overall, I would love to see a giant dragon boss! I hope it is the size of a mountain at least.

Also FUCKKK… my Warmind engram gave me 18 kelvins again. I hate that gun (I hate all sidearms actually, especially the ones that aren’t three burst). God damn it.

Also deadpan delivery is such a terrible gun. Slow fire rate+tiny magazine+huge spread=shit.

I’d much rather use a legendary Polaris lance or an inaugural address that are both 25 power levels lower.


Yay I got a powerful engram celestial nighthawk which I believe has new forsaken rolls on it. Pretty happy. I can now scrap my old trashy celestial nighthawk.

Oh yeah coldheart is tucking DANGEROUS now. I melted a PE boss down to half health with just a clip of coldheart. Imagine this thing with a lunafaction empowering rift. God I feel sorry for all the bosses in the game that are thick meat bags and just stay still for the whole fight

looks at calus

Anyway, the only real thing keeping it from being an absolute beast is the special ammo penalty although that isn’t hard to fix as practically every year 1 exotic has some kind of special ammo finder on it.

Man I wish there were more trace rifles. Not just exotic ones though, but legendary ones too.


Hey guys this is the new way to recharge abilities insanely quick. Use frost-ee5 and run around in circles. It works very well. Recharges class ability in like 15 seconds, grenade in about 25 ish, and melee in about the same time, and this is with no mods or anything.


Coming up on 12 hours with no completion of Last Wish yet


Yeah it must be really hard which is terrifying to hunk about because I usually beat all raids but this one may not be beaten by me…


Update: 14 hours, officially the longest raid without a world first in Destiny history


Lol is anyone gonna get the emblem?

It could take several days for anyone to beat it…o.O


…and so finally someone has beat the raid.

Now there is new stuff in the dreaming city!

Thank god to Clan Redeem.


Is this one of the bosses in the raid?

image o.O