Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


In destiny 1 whenever I opened an exotic engram I almost always got Sunbracers and it has seemed to remember that… Beat the nightfall and it dropped an exotic engram, went to Zavala to claim milestone reward and got the sunbracers… You’d think I’d get something good out of that exotic engram. Nope! Just another pair of sunbracers that were even worse then the ones I got from the milestone one. Don’t you just love it when you’re blessed by RNJesus? Yeah I wish I knew that feeling…


Well there’s a lot less Exotic armor right now in this game than in the last. At least you can’t get the armor for another class anymore like you used to, lmao.


hey now, people like me make maps for those guides… be nice. it employs people.


I hope you are joking about being annoyed by his comment.


The comment was a joke lmao

As noted by the “/jokes” on it.


well durrr
geez i thought after 2 and half years you all would be use to my odd sense of humor…

smh… one day… one day… they will see the snark… (based in reality snark at that ) Lol

IM NOT A STICK IN THE MUD!!! im just misunderstood…

*sits behind rock in dark cave under a drip of constant water…

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here, just just watch this…


Yes but I would like to get anything other than the sunbracers!! Even a weapon would be nice!


Fortunately I’ve never gotten a repeat. I have really nice boots that buff my Rift to make it so that entering it auto-reloads you.


Lucky Crosses arms like an angered child


I also got a weird helmet that was kind of ass, it just auto highlighted enemies I aimed at.


Destiny 2 is actually an awesome first person Multiplayer shooter game i play usually on every Sunday.


What I thought was kind of funny was in the beginning, where your guardian was walking in the mountains, they make you jump off a cliff.


So since I’m a flippn noob, I have a lot of questions. First of all, you know the little fire, ice, and purple swirl symbols next to the names of the weapons and the numbers? What exactly do those mean? Also, I know there are these things called engrams but how do you get and encrypt them? (Or whatever it’s called). Also, you know the little drones, ghosts? Do different ones have different benefits? Also, I heard some guy on YouTube say that you can “merge” equipment or something, how do you do that? Thanks, this is the first destiny game I’ve played, so I would appreciate any help I can get.

EDIT: Also, you know how you can have three different weapons at a time, well, when I rotate thru the weapons, I only end up on my primary and my pistol, but I have this grenade launcher that I seem to can’t use. Is there some special button to unlock this?


Those symbols are the elements of Destiny
Fire is Solar
Ice is Arc (Lighning)
Purple swirl is Void

Shooting an AI enemy who has a shield with a specific element will explode their shield when destroyed and deal a burst of damage to that Target

Engrams are earned by RNG, just kill people and you’ll earn em. Bright engrams are earned when you level up

Ghosts sometimes have different benefits but not always

Merging is only allowed with Legendary and Exotic weapons. You can only merge a Higher Light Level weapon into a Lower Light Level weapon
Merging also takes Legendary shards which are earned by dismantling Legendary weapons or armor

If you already equipped your Grenade Launcher, then hold the weapon switching button

Y for Xbox
Triangle for PS (iirc)
Idk for PC


Thank you!!


Do you know when a good time to start crucible is? I just got the game and have like 40 power so I don’t think I should do it.


Well, doing crucible isn’t a favorite thing of mine.
But maybe not 40…I’d say 70-90 would be around a good place to start

I won’t lie, you’ll probably be eaten alive by 250s


Alright bois I got to level 5 and 50+ power today. I got a bunch of nice armor pieces and a lit sniper rifle which does a shit load of damage.

EDIT: oh yeah, you know those large purplish black orbs that float around? What are they called and what exactly are they and what do they do. It seems they are associated with the fallen somehow.


Purplish black orbs? You mean Servitors? The generate Ether, the only known food source for the Eliksni. They can also shield enemy Fallen, so hoot 'em in their big glowing eye.


Oh that’s what they are! Who’s the whitish hulk guy who appears in the beginning?