Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


The name is pretty silly imo.

Also what is the boss?

Also i think my favorite strike is probably…never mind all the strikes are boring lol.


So…turns out getting the data memory fragments is a lot harder than I thought. I have around 15 right now.

It’s gonna take me several hours to get worldline zero and the sparrow. I know where the little sparrow cache is though, so that is a plus.

It took me an hour to get 15, but those were the relatively easy fragments. There are some really weird ones that i can’t find, either because I’m following the guide wrong or because I have very poor eyesight. I would say both would apply to this case.


So people are getting raid loot already?..

Check this stuff out.

I’m pretty sure that rocket launcher has ambitious assassin? Not sure how that would work out lol.
Never mind it is a different perk…

This can’t be real lol. First it is the forsaken loot before forsaken is released and now it is raid loot before the raid is released…


Hey, today I got these little consumables from a sleeper node, but I forgot what it was. I think it was a little Rasputin coin or something. Does anyone have an idea of what it might be?


I wonder if I should’ve skipped out on Prometheus Lens today…


Turns out the Rasputin coin is for Warmind engrams. Really hoping I can get the braytech osprey, jackal, or winter wolf. If I get the niflheim or kelvins, I’m gonna be mad.


God damn.

I dismantled so much of my old shit gear and I have more gunsmith mats than I’ve ever got before. It is insane. If I felt like clearing my whole vault which still has like 50 weapons at this point, I could make some serious money. I would say another 120 ish legendary shards, some masterwork cores, and a whole bunch of gunsmith mats.

Oh yeah I have like 150+ seraphite from the memory fragment search today. I’m rich baby.

Plus, I can do a bunch of bounties which reward like 10 planetary materials each so I’m good.

When is the next iron banner/faction rallies coming?

I’m really excited for the new design of iron banner armor. I hope weapons are actually good though, this time. Last year’s weapons were hot trash in general. I think the only good one was wizened rebuke but I never tried that so I can’t give an opinion on that.

Plus, I’ve always loved the iron banner shaders (except a select few that look like a rusty vex shade that I hate), and I can’t wait to see those.


The drifter still shows up in the tower even though I don’t have forsaken wot???


At this point I’m just spam posting in this thread. Gotta keep it alive brothers.


I appreciate how bungie didn’t just outright raise the soft cap for players without forsaken. It is a pretty considerate thing to do, to let players still grind to the power cap and make it feel more like an achievement.

Well I’m like 60% sure they didn’t raise the soft cap.


Why is hardlight so underrated lol.

It is a pretty decent gun featuring pretty solid stats. The damage might be on the low end, but it’s reload speed, stability, and handling are all top notch.

Plus it has the most useful function that borealis also has, the ability to switch between element types.

I completely forgot it was in my inventory, but I think i will infuse it so i can use it more often.


How do you get sagira’s shell?


I have a random rolled tier 4 masterworked play of the game grenade launcher. I think the gun is masterworked for handling speed so RIP :stuck_out_tongue:

I also have a cool looking hunter helmet called wing contender.

My plan is to run a alone as a god+hardlight+POTG loadout. Alone as a god is for the distant battles, hardlight is for general, up close shield melting, and then POTG for getting super back. The perk I got with POTG gives super back with kills (I’m pretty sure), and I have heavy ammo finder on my gear, so you see where that is going, right?


Man bungie is amazing at world building.


You need to complete all of the lost prophecies. It’ll be awhile unless you’ve already completed a bunch. I guess what’s better is that each lost prophecy weapon that drops from said lost prophecies act as powerful gear and can boost your light so they’re worth doing other than getting the shell.


Cool thank you. I don’t even know how to start those quests. Do you know how?


Yeah you go pick them up from brother Vance


Do you know how much they boosted you by?


I’d say about the same as the old powerful engrams which was 5-10 per weapon. Unless they changed it of course.


Cool. That should boost me to full power. There are twelve weapons, right?