Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


I have over 4300 triumph points…dunno if that is good or not.

Also it kinda pisses me off that the triumphs tells me to complete the forsaken campaign, yet it knows I dont have the DLC. :angry:

One thing i find pretty relaxing to do is clearing the old legendary stuff in the vault. I got over 200 legendary shards just from clearing out all of the old gear on my hunter. I also have like 350 gunsmith materials just from deleting stuff. Oh yeah i have close to 100 seraphite and 100 dusklight shards right now. The bounties reward so many planetary materials…adding on to the fact that killing mini bosses during a flashpoint will grant you like 15 materials.

One thing i dont get why year 1 weapons cant get random rolls.



I’m considering to get nezarec’s sin and spine of young ahamkara just because I have extra legendary shards and cuz of the perks.

Perks that I wish bungie would include on ALL armor.


Gunslinger throwing knife feels so much better to use, even though I don’t think they even got buffed or changed at all.

I think they did get a huge aim assist buff though, cuz I’m always landing crit shots. But…I’m not complaining or anything…

Anyway, I think that drone grenade needs a buff. There is no range to the grenade, and the grenades just stay there like a piece of shit.

I know those grenades are powerful, but sometimes they just don’t do anything and make me waste a grenade charge.


There’s a reason why it’s called exotic. They’re meant to be one of a kind.


No I mean armor perks in general. I’m saying year 1 armor needs some actual perks lol. Not just health regen or extra health.

Just to clarify, I don’t mean exotic perks, but rather the stuff on Forsaken armor like increased reload speed for certain guns, heavy ammo finder, etc.


Ah okay sorry for the misunderstanding. I do agree that random rolls should not be limited to Forsaken.


Gah the Cayde’s Will quest is super annoying, first it was invaders kills then strike kills (which wasn’t that bad just time consuming) and now headshot kills in PvP. Ace of Spades better be worth it.


Mtashed claims it is the best hand cannon in the game, so…


Hey I got that new crucible helmet with the random rolls on it.

It looks pretty cool and im just looking for the right shaders to put on it.

I tried playing the curse of Osiris story today and it got so boring i just couldn’t do it. The first mission was a pile of crap. I then realized the next mission was “A Deadly Trial” and remembered how much of a brain fart that was for me and just couldn’t continue. So, i played crucible for rest of the time and it was actually surprisingly fun-apart from the dicks who were running telesto or ikelos shotgun or shit like that. Plus pretty much everyone had forsaken supers and it was so fucking annoying to deal with that.

I didn’t perform very well, but it was the first time I seriously sat down and played crucible in a while and i actually enjoyed the amount of chaos 6v6, new weapon slots, and new supers could bring into pvp.

Turns out nightshade is a beast in crucible. That gun is the most stable thing i have ever got my hands on and it is quite forgiving too for that reason. Even if you have potato aim like me, you can still perform decently with the gun.

Anyway, i picked up the broadsword quest today and it seems like it is gonna take forever. I dont know how many pulse rifle final blows the quest requires from you, but it sure as hell is a lot. I got like 20 pulse rifle final blows today, and it only counted like 7%, so it could be a while before i get the first step done. Does anyone know how long the broadsword is gonna take to complete?

Also why cant those kill x amount of enemy quests just give you a flat number. What good is 7% gonna tell you if you don’t know how many kills you got anyway?

Oh yeah. The collections tab is pissing me off. It shows all of the forsaken gear, including year one strike and crucible gear that just got random rolls fixed onto them. I tried creating a random rolled nameless midnight and better devils, but it said i had to get forsaken which i dont really understand. The gun is year one and im allowed to get armor from forsaken, so why is this happening.

I did get a random rolled POTG though. I guess that i worth something.


@Maximumlimit15 this is the ace of spades and its stats:


Looks really solid to me. It probably does deserve the best handcannon in game title.


I feel pretty lucky today because I was killed by the ace of spades and the chaperone today. I also think I was killed by lord of wolves a week ago.


Has anyone gotten the Darci catalyst to drop and if so, how did it happen? I’ve killed like one hundred enemies with my Darci now and I still have not gotten a drop.


Isn’t it kinda ridiculous how crimson can even outdual a pulse rifle at medium ranges :\

That gun can perform well at nearly all ranges except certain scout rifle and sniper rifle ranges. It is quite insane to think about and makes me annoyed that I dont have it yet. I wish Xur would sell it for once and not sell Prometheus Lens all the time.


Just thought i would share this:


I got it from my first exotic engram thing he sold. I’ll be honest it’s really fun to use and I loved it enough to get its catalyst but because it’s a three burst hand cannon it’s damage is spread throughout the three bullets. Miss one bullet and you’re missing out on damage.


Except it is so accurate that rarely happens.

IMO it is a hybrid of a 3 burst side arm and a gun like graviton lance.


It’s a rare drop from any enemies as long as you kill them with darci iirc


Well ive killed many enemies with Darci and it hasn’t dropped.

Do you know how rare it is?


Yeah it’s super rare you gotta get lucky with it.

Also Warden of Nothing is officially my new favorite strike. Not only is the boss super fun and has unique mechanics but the whole strike is fun to do and it calls back to the original prison of elders! For anyone who has forsaken and hasn’t done it yet I definitely recommend trying it out.