Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Yeah the only problem phlegm I have with it is that it’s not tied with gambit supposedly it’s a random drop exotic. I mean, it literally has a perk that makes it super useful in Gambit as it allows you to do bonus damage to taken and invaders.


But…isn’t it unlocked through reaching max rank in gambit?

How his is queen breaker? I like the idea of a sniper fusion. Although that might be vex mythoclast.


Queen Breakers bow? I dunno if anyone has it yet but it’s probably one of my most sought out exotics. It was my favorite of the fallen exotics alongside Gregs Potato (Dregs Promise).


Isn’t dreg’s promise the sidearm? I read this ranking list and it said dreg’s promise is like the worst exotic in the game lol.

I really want those exotics bro.

Is lord of wolves even a shotgun? It looks like a fusion rifle to me lol.



Well they obviously didn’t rank the list on how fun the guns are. Gregs Potato is super fun to use and honestly as long as you aren’t doing PvP or endgame content any gun is perfectly fine to use.


Well I dunno. Never played d1.

Also, just looking for a small favor, this weekend, do you wanna help me with the whisper quest? Most people in lfg were requiring level 380+, but I’m only 364.


Sorry dude I have plans this weekend.


Oh ok. Well thanks anyway.


Actually, if you’re on late Friday I should have some time. I haven’t done it before so we’ll probably fail it tho


Late Friday…I think I can make that. Would 9 PM EST work for you? Also, don’t worry, just watch a video, it’s pretty straight forward; my main concern is just staying alive during the jumping puzzle. The boss fight shouldn’t be very hard at all, cuz I’m assuming you’re like 450 power by now.


Yeah that should be good. I’ll let you know if anything comes up so we can reschedule if needed.


Okay got it. However, just for safety, I think we should bring one other person. Do you happen to know anyone who plays?


No unfortunately I don’t.


Oh. Well, I still think 2 people is ok. Just need to be very careful about jumping puzzle.


So far, the only impressive super ive seen is the gunslinger knife throw. That thing looks awesome. I would really love the new titan hammer if you had like a huge mobility boost and extra attack speed, but it really doesn’t wow me :\


@Maximumlimit15, I might have to call off on the whisper quest today. I can only play for 30 minutes, and that might not be enough time. We might have to WAIT for 30 minutes before we even get the taken blight event, and I’ll have just wasted your time. Sorry if this is pretty sudden.


Nah dude it’s fine maybe next Friday


Man playing gunslinger today has given me nostalgia of the old days. Single shot super is so ridiculously powerful.

I doubt I’m ever gonna play nightstalker or arcstrider ever again.

Also chains of woe is literally a free outlaw on steroids. My reload speed went from like 2 seconds to half a second. Plus explosion knife can now do crit damage, which is pretty cool.

Oh yeah I had this great moment today where I was literally getting shot at with arc damage from all directions and I had riskrunner, so arc conductor was procced for like 3 minutes straight.

Also there is the fact that cayde was a gunslinger so yeah never gonna switch subclasses ever again.

Also is it true that every planet has a flashpoint now?

Oh yeah triumphs is such a cool feature I’m loving it. I got like 950 points so far. That’s probably horrible, but whatever.


The lore for forsaken is so cool. Plus the new expansions coming out after forsaken seem to hold a lot of potential story wise.


Great I fucking wasted 30 minutes today trying to get a nightfall group together and still didn’t beat it.

Lfg people are so stupid sometimes. On my first try, I got 2 other people who were around 500 power level and invited them both to the party. The first guy didnt join but the second guy did. I told him to wait a bit because the second guy was not joining. Well for whatever reason waiting an extra minute was too long for him so he quit. After that, I accepted two other people into my group who were pretty high level. After they joined, I launched them into the mission, but then I got a stupid message saying that one guy disconnected and therefore we couldn’t play the mission, so after I tried getting the guy back in and failing, the other guy in the group just left without a word.

So, i canceled my post, created a new post, and two people immediately joined. I was pretty content but then, when we were right about to land in the mission, they both left the party and one guy left my fireteam. I don’t know if it was to be a troll or if he actually had to leave, but it was just me and the other guy. I’ll give credit to him for sticking around, but I have to say, he did ABOSULTELY NOTHING. I was 200 power level’s lower than him (playing on my hunter that is 310), and overall, i completed more objectives, got more kills, and the only thing he did was stand in the back trying to snipe. During the tank phase of the Arm’s Dealer strike, he would just watch me die in a huge mob and not even help me. In fact, I killed the whole tank by myself and did like 75% of the damage on the second tank.

Then, we went onto the boss fight. Things got even worse. HE DIDNT EVEN SHOOT AT THE BOSS!. I had to kill adds, shoot at the boss, deliver the fusion cores, and try to survive all by myself.

The most annoying thing about this whole fiasco is that my account has this stupid “Microsoft family” feature allowing me only to play EXACTLY one hour, so when the timer ended, it just logged me out of the game and i never even got to finish the freakin strike. God i hate lfg and that fucking Microsoft Family bullshit.

Also i am even more pissed off because i made lunch today, a chinese sweet and sour ribs, but then my mom took it to a picnic with her friends and some coworkers and i didnt even get to eat any of it :sob:

I just wish that bungie would create a matchmaking system for nightfall’s. It isnt even hard and I literally dont see a single problem that could arise from that. It would really benefit players like me who dont know a lot of people who play the game. I think they should really understand that not everyone has the time to spend hours on lfg’s and that not everyone has a lot fo friends that play destiny or even video games in general.

Lol just another one of my weekly rants.

I’m pretty annoyed right now.