Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


You mean other than a boss? All of the other supers are roaming so it isn’t a wasted super if they aren’t all grouped up within 10 feet of each other.

Yeah and the pulse grenades have insane DPS and a much shorter CD than a super. So regular enemies just die and bosses tend to move a lot less.


I’m not saying they don’t have a high DPS lol, I’m saying that they can be evaded. Titan hammer can’t be evaded (at least if you have aim).


There’s also the point that I’ve had people ruin my super regain so I have to wait ages to get my super back

Which is much less of a problem than you make it out to be.



I’m just saying. Damage doesn’t matter if nothing is being damaged.

If I have a black spindle, but I have no aim, Black spindle is no better as a sniper for me than something like copperhead.


In that case everything except emperor Palpatine can be considered bad cause it can be evaded.


I’m not saying it is bad lol. I’m saying there can still be a weak point of anything. If pulse grenades were stickies, then it could be even more powerful. Probably better than even the most damaging super in this game.

However, it isn’t. It is still very powerful, but I wouldn’t say that it is better than a super.

Striker and sunbreaker both have their uses. I’m not saying striker is terrible or extremely worse than sunbreaker.

Also you don’t really need to be sarcastic.

I’m just trying to point something out, and if you don’t like to hear it, you don’t need to reply. I’m not forcing you to reply :man_shrugging:.


Yeah and in general the double pulse grenades striker > sunbreaker

Not on its own but with the striker super being fairly strong on its own and doubling up on the best grenades


Ok, sure I accept that.

But once again, I’m not trying to discredit striker for being powerful.

Striker was like the only subclass I used for a month, so if I’m saying it is bad, I would be stupid. Striker is still my most used subclass, I’m pretty sure.


IMO bungie should get rid of quick play crucible and replace it with gambit. There is literally zero reward to doing quick play crucible, except the ornaments, but let’s be honest here, all the ornaments look the same by now.

The only reason I even play crucible is for the weekly powerful engram, but Bungie even got rid of that RIP.


There should be dual wielded pistols in destiny.


When was the last weekly event in destiny?

I haven’t played iron banner or faction rallies in so long.


I’m pretty disappointed that I wasn’t able to grind to 385 power before forsaken.

I had so much stuff going on that I was gone for two months and didn’t play at all, plus I got Warmind and Curse of Osiris late.

At least I tried and got to 364. At least that is worth something…


Yay Forsaken is going live today…:frowning:


Does anyone here have forsaken yet?

Also anyone care to join me for a raid? I’m gonna ask some people in my clan too. If you have members in your clan too, feel free to invite them, as long as they are in control of their mouth and not swearing every second or saying other ridiculous stuff.

Btw, it will be this weekend.

Also can any hunter and Titan players tell me how fire knives and big hammer feels to use? I’m pretty excited about those two. Also deflector staff too, the arc hunter one.


So…how’s the dlc so far?


Can Forsaken save destiny 2? Is it the taken king of destiny 2?


Forsaken is really good story wise. If you’re only buying for the story I’d say no since it’s pretty short unlike TTK but if you’re like me and you’ll be spending your time doing other things like Gambit and trying to get all the exotics then I’d say it’s worth it. My only complaint is that they don’t really explain much in the story but I guess that’s why we have the ingame lore now.


Is gambit free for everyone? In DIM, it said The Drifter was in the tower selling stuff, so i was hoping that gambit was free.


No gambit is an exclusive Forsaken game mode.


Crap. Well malfeasance looked pretty cool.

I also kinda find it annoying how bungie redid year 1 weapon’s with new random rolls. I’m getting sick of seeing Better Devils all the time, even now when it is year 2. I feel like deleting my better devils just for that. I do like that they are giving the tracker feature for those crucible and strike weapons though.