Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Do you mean 280 or 380 cuz you’re gonna get murdered if you try and play forsaken as 280.

Also ok, then maybe next weekend? I have a long weekend next week, so maybe we can find a time to play then?


Yeah 380, I thought 300 was the power cap for some reason. Also I probably won’t be doing raids since most of them have been really boring.


Eh. I mean it should be a quick clear since most people are well above the requirement. I really just want to do the raid for some powerful gear and because I don’t want to do the stupid crucible milestone.

It will really just come down to how knowledgeable someone is about the raid.


Oh trust me, just because you’re above the power requirement doesn’t mean you’ll stomp through it. One thing I personally hate about destiny is that even if you’re 20 levels above an enemy you’ll still do the same damage as if you were the same level as said enemy.


Yeah I guess so. Even so, most people have very powerful weapons like whisper, sleeper, and I guess stuff like DARCI and Ikelos shotgun is still pretty powerful.

Those weapons, when synergized witht he right buffs like empowering rift can easily shred through calus.

Also do you know if I can still do the whisper quest? I’m dying to get the sniper.


I’m waiting for the one day that xur finally sells sweet business while I am not away or doing soomething else.


Has anyone gotten an Actium War rig with forsaken perks yet?


Cause hunter movement feels like 1000x better than warlock or titan


Hunter movement is stupid. Titan movement is the best, with shoulder charge and gliding and everything.

It might be the easiest to handle, but it is by far the most boring.


You think slowly gliding up is more interesting than double or triple jump?

Can’t even time your boost with warlock otherwise you’ll get nothing out of it.


Yeah. I do in fact think that.


Well alright then but warlock has the worst mobility outside of dawnblade and it just feels like trash after using hunter.


I spent my hour today looking for a raid group, finally finding one, and finding out that they only wanted to get chests in the underbelly, so we got nothing done.

At least the leader invited me to his clan.

One of the guys has an ether doctor so jelly =\


Well even if hunter has better mobility than Titan and warlock, at least Titan has much better supers.


Yeah GS and AS aren’t the best but Nightstalker is pretty damn unique and when paired with orpheus rig is top tier.


Yea lol everyone knows shadowshot rig is op.

Titans on the other hand have 3 very good supers.

Hammer is the best for boss fights, plus his shoulder charge grants bonus damage against targets, making it even better at killing bosses.

Striker is the best at add clearing.

Sentinel is the best at tanking damage because each melee kill essentially refills your health bar, and with new forsaken armor perks, grenade and melee energy can be recharged faster than ever. Oh yeah plus ward of dawn ya know.

So yeah, Titan is the best class.


It’s not.

Striker + double pulse grenade is better.

Generally considered trash.


It is quite close to being overpowered at least. Pretty much everytime, you are casting your super and getting it back for free.

Yeah and explain to me why literally every Escalation Protocol team comp required at least one sunbreaker and sentinel.

People generally use striker for stuff like nightfall’s. If you wanna raid, sunbreaker is like a must. Just look at EoW. Try Titan smashing Argo when he is like a thousand yards away.


You get back an ult only if there is a clump of like 7+ enemies. Yeah it’s a super fun ability but it’s honestly not anywhere near as strong as other ults unless you have the exotic and you’ve run things long enough that you know what spawns to hit with your super. After a certain point people are popping out more orbs just from the masterwork weapons.

Cause it’s different? Striker’s pulse grenades are better DPS than sunbreakers super.


That is common sense. You could literally say that about any super. No one uses a super If there is just one enemy lol.

It doesn’t matter if they have better DPS. Enemies do move you realize. Also striker’s super has a super short duration. You can perform like 4 smashes at most, but with hammer, you have like 7-8 throws.

Also, sunbreaker has exotics like hallow fire heart that drastically improves ability recharge speeds, which you don’t have with striker. The closest example I can come up with is insurmountable skull fort, but that one only recharges melee, and only on the one condition that you must kill an enemy with your shoulder charge. Hallowfire heart drastically improves ability recharge speed as long as your super is active.