Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


For some reason it feels like even though I have barely progressed in the game that I’m so much stronger.

A while back, I was somewhere around 355-360, and whenever I did Escalation Protocol, I would get my butt wiped. Now, I moved up one power point, and I’m the one wiping hive but. Feels very strange.

Of course it could be due to escalation protocol being nerfed, but I doubt it, because the nerf was only for higher levels.

Man it feels like bungie is taunting me. I can’t get forsaken, but now the menu screen is the forsaken logo and everything, and I just feel like I’m being mocked. Fuck I need that dlc.


A lot of the warlock exotics are really lackluster, off the top of my head the only really good ones are Lunafaction boots and Sunbracers. I don’t remember the names exactly so sorry if they’re spelled wrong.


They’re correct. Lol destiny is the only game I play anymore pretty much (besides warframe), so I pretty much know everything to know about this game.

I think a couple others are pretty decent, but nothing insane like lunafaction. I heard sanguine was pretty beasty in PvP though. Not sure if it was ever nerfed, because it gave free wall hacks.

Also @Maximumlimit15 have you switched to destiny’s master race yet? In case you were too ignorant to know, it is Titan.


I’m buying ashen wake forget about what I said. Just take a look at these insane perks:


Nope, Warlock is best class.


Foul creature.


Don’t talk about yourself like that!


You can hide from the truth, but eventually, it will catch up to you. Better turn yourself over now before it is too late.

Titan is the best class and all you can do is simply accept that.


Gambit is SO FUCKING FUN! I only played one match today, but it is awesome.

When I first started, things felt pretty mellow tbh, but then after you got to halfway with your mote depositing, the vibe became really intense. You had enemy invaders coming in left and right, hordes of mini bosses that would 2 shot you, and many, many more adds that could swarm you and kill you if you weren’t careful.

But the most memorable part of the fight was killing the primeval. Well you might say duh, but you really have to see it to believe it. In the second round, my team was pretty far behind, and the enemy team was already halfway to killing their primeval before we had even started. Then, suddenly, it was like my team took a whole box of steroids, because we just took out our rocket launcher and wiped the primeval’s ass.

I ended up winning the match with ease, and came up as top of my team.

The only downside is that I’m even sadder that I won’t be able to play gambit because I cannot get forsaken.

Oh yeah I finally figured out how to get the legendary version of Polaris lance. Getting headshots on that thing is so satisfying.

I am very confused rn. With the weapon slot changes, the infusion system has been hit with a very big change (at least imo). Now you need different planetary materials to infuse, which I can get, but what is with the huge legendary shard cost increase? Also, for some reason I cannot infuse a 355 Titan gauntlets into Ashen Wake, which is at 340? Does anyone have an explanation for this?


DARCI can do up to 20,000 damage per shot O.o

A normal headshot against a 300 power level enemy is like 18,000 for me I am a god.


I though that the new flashpoint system incorporated patrols so I was wasting 20 minutes just doing patrols for nothing today :sob:

On the bright side I only have a little bit of the flashpoint left to do, so I’ll finish that quickly, play a match of gambit, and then who knows.


I’m pretty eager for this new mod system. Mainly because I hope I can get some +5 mods onto my gear so I can boost my light level, but I also really want to see how bungie changed it. It better be good, because I deleted all my mods for this new mod system. I now have over 100 gunsmith materials and 25 mod components.

Plus I’m just really excited for the new random rolls from vendors so at least I can get a bit of joy from that. I can now know that vendors will never give shitty fixed perk gear. Random rolls, here I come!

Oh yeah, if I happen to do Escalation Protocol now, will I still have the chance to earn all the armor and weapons tied to the activity? Or is it just not gonna drop those things anymore?


I got my own forsaken gear! It was the Titan arms from the scatterhorn set.

I also got a bunch of 364 base power gear, so when the new mod system rolls around I can boost all that stuff up to 369 (hopefully).


The lore snippet for the ether doctor gun makes the spider sound like a drug lord.


My current loadout is

Primary: Nightshade
Secondary: Deadpan Delivery
Heavy: DARCI

DARCI is literally gonna be stuck in my heavy slot unless I’m doing crucible or something, but that is very rare in its own.

What loadouts are everyone running?


The DARCI catalyst require 300 headshot kills O.o

I would say that I have like 100? now. Of course when I guess at numerical values, they tend to be much more different than I suspected. I probably have like 50 headshot kills with it lol.

The catalyst does provide a +20 stability, and stability to a sniper is pretty helpful in general, and 20 is a huge boost for any weapon.


For the catalyst I just went and headshoted all the people at the beginning of the Leviathan raid and rinse and repeat. It gets you max heavy ammo and about 10 headshots each time iirc


I’m planning to do part of the raid tomorrow. Do you want to join? I have an hour, so i figure if my team is good, then we can clear 1-2 rooms including the entrance encounter.

Of course my team is probably gonna troll and do stupid shit and stretch out the whole process.

Btw, I’m gonna be using Xbox lfg, so if you have a problem, just tell me.

This is my 500th post in this topic. Just thought you might wanna know.


Wonder how good DARCI is gonna be for the raid.

Preferably, I’ll have a couple warlocks, but most players tend to play as hunters for reasons I cannot understand.

Nonetheless, if I can get a decent warlock (btw @Maximumlimit15 what is your current power level?) then I should be fine as long as they actually use empowering rift.

Also if you decide to join max I’ll be playing as Titan. Just an FYI. Cuz Titan is master race, ya know.


Pretty sure my power level is like 280 or something like that, but I’m not getting back onto destiny until Tuesday when Forsaken releases.