Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


You can get the gear if you do the flashpoint, it’s actually a glitch. I got some arms for my warlock and while they don’t look cool I liked the lore tab on it.


Yeah I know. Did they patch it out yet?

At least they have perks.

Did you get the ether doctor?

Also are you gonna be on this weekend, I just want to do some weekly challenges with someone so I’m not completely alone.

Also the gambit demo…


For some reason the spider reminds me of jabba the hutt.


Nah I probably won’t hop back on until Tuesday when the dlc drops.


Haha the new void trace rifle is being locked behind PS exclusives hahaha dies inside

But the thing is cold heart is apparently ridiculously powerful right now.


I’m used to PS4 exclusive but what bugs me the most is that not only does the trace rifle seem very powerful but it’s void as well. Why couldn’t they have made One Thousand Voices or whatever it’s called the PS4 exclusive? Now PC and Xbone players are stuck with two solar trace rifles and one arc instead of a trace rifle for every damage type.


Well at least we can have the chance to unlock it next year lol.


Ok I’m actually kinda mad with bungie. They are not letting people get forsaken buy itself, and are making you buy with the expansion pass. Come on I already have the two expansions what is this stupid move?


Well turns out I’m not getting forsaken rip.

At least I still can enjoy weapon slot changes and stuff of that nature.


I think someone found a forsaken smg?



This is completely not true???


I tried to purchase forsaken separately on the Microsoft store, and it said not sold separately, and forced me to buy one of the bundles.


I’m pretty happy. I got to level 5 in EP with just 3 other randoms. It was actually fun. We were really good together. Plus I’m like 360 light lol.

Too bad I had to leave early.

Oh yeah i just found out that DARCI can do over 14,000 damage per shot. That is crazy cool.

Xur’s inventory is very underwhelming this week.


Double sniper is actually a really bad idea…

I have alone as a god as my primary, and inaugural address as my secondary, but I can’t get used to the fact that I have a sniper as my primary, so I always shoot without zooming in first.


That makes no sense, I know multiple Console players who were able to purchase Forsaken on its own without any problems whatsoever.


You can check if you’d like. Wait what the hell? Oh I think I get it now. I was probably looking at forsaken+annual pass, my bad :stuck_out_tongue:.

Well it doesn’t matter anyway, I can’t get it.


What is ashen wake even supposed to do? Fusion grenades explode on impact wtf that is classified as an exotic.


Fusion grenades are stickies that take 1.5 seconds to blow up and yes some exotics are extremely lackluster


I don’t use them cuz thermite grenade is the best, but anyway wow you get to wait 2 seconds less amazing perk. Those 2 seconds is such a life and death difference that I must waste the exotic slot for Ashen Wake.


I didn’t even mention the warlock exotic xur was selling today. It creates an arc explosion when you place down rift. Congrats normally, you get rift like every 30 seconds so you get a weak arc explosion every thirty seconds. Jeez I am really conflicted rn on whether I should buy this or not. Xur has downgraded with his inventry lately. Last time it was some garbage warlock helm i think, riskrunner (which is actually very fun to use), stand asides, and ophidia spathe. See what I mean. Sell some good exotics. God just friggn sell the colony for once or maybe even some better armor.