Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Well I did the nightfall but I didn’t have time to collect my reward in the tower. That’s why I really hate the long wait times when traveling planet to planet. It takes up to 10 minutes sometimes to simply get from a planet to another one.

I’m not gonna be on before the weekly reset so I’m losing that 20 minutes of work and a potential boost to my power level.

On the bright side, I did get a powerful reward (367 Titan mark), so I guess it kinda compensates. I don’t know how I got it though. Did the Bungie gods notice my predicament and decided to reward me for my efforts?

Anyway way I got 38,000 on normal difficulty. I think that is pretty okay.

Oh wait I think I get it now.

A while ago, I posted something about getting the prospector by accident. But…i don’t think it was an accident. I’m pretty sure on that same week, I got a luminous crucible engram that I never opened, and that was my reward!

Maybe the engram will decrypt after the weekly reset?! I sure hope so, or else I’m gonna be mad.

Also a squadmate during the nightfall had whisper of the worm. It looks so cool -.- i wish i could get it.

Yup that luminous engram is gonna decrypt yayz. I hope I actually get something good. Plz be crimson plz be crimson.

DARCI actually makes me like snipers. It does so much damage per hit!

Plus it’s aesthetically pleasing too, with the high tech design and everything. Probably one of my favorite exotic guns in the game.

Now the only thing I have to do is work on my aim…hehehe. There is a reason I don’t like playing competitive multiplayer games…


I don’t really like the idea of the whole cayde’s exotic stash thing. I mean I am fine with the whole exclusive shaders (cuz they look pretty garbage tbh), but what I’m more concerned about is cayde’s exotic ship.

The reason being, well look at the other times Bungie has made lore specific items locked behind a paywall (iron banner emote, certain vanguard exotic ships), and you can pretty much guess what is going to happen with cayde’s ship.

Such an important ship that is owned by the most beloved character in the whole destiny franchise, is being locked behind a preorder bonus. Seems like it’s gonna spark a good deal of controversy there.

What I think Bungie should do instead is give the ship and cayde’s cloak as campaign completion rewards (cayde’s cloak being exotic), because first of all, I’m sure destiny hunters would love to carry on the legacy of cayde by wearing his cloak, and second of all, it would be a nice little parting of ways with cayde and a very cool gift from Bungie, especially considering the recent ramen noodle quest that was a joke.


Man I love the new weapon slot changes but they are fucking up my brain.

So most weapons can be swapped between the three slots, but there are exotic exceptions, like the really broken DPS weapons, that are fixed in the purple heavy slot.

Besides that, every weapon can be in the choice of 1st or 2nd slot, but depending on the weapon type, you have to find white or green bricks in order to feed the gun more ammo.

Is this all correct?


Our guardian finally speaks after 2-3 years! Also I’m super excited to actually start the story. Only one more week.


What?! They actually speak? Man I’m so excited to hear that!

I wonder what my Titan is gonna sound like. It’s a she lol.


I’m personally curious if they’ll use the same voice actors from the first game. I remembering right in the first game you could actually choose your voice (or maybe I’m remembering incorrectly). I hope they either have new voices we can choose from or the old voices that we had before, I’d be really upset if they just gave us random voices.


I kinda liked the voice of the Titan in the launch trailer.

Ya know I actually wanna use Ikora’s voice for my Titan, if they let you choose from several different voices.


After Forsaken launches, it’ll be the first time in like forever that I equipped a piece of rare armor…assuming they add rare armor with actual buffs, of course.

I still haven’t purchased Forsaken yet, but I’ve been meaning too. No time to do it.


You should be wearing rare armor if it’s higher than your other gear while progressing through any dlc. It’s just a waste of glimmer and legendary shards (I think that’s what they’re called I haven’t played in awhile) if you keep infusing in the early game of a dlc.


Eh it’s like 4 per rare gear infused. I can re-earn that in no time.

Plus it’s not like I’m infusing rare stuff into my gear all the time. I only do it if the rare gear is like a +10 boost to a piece of equipment that I like.


Wow Bungie fucking nerfed wormhusk to the ground.

I like the mask of the silent one buff though. Might cause me to use sentinel for a change :stuck_out_tongue:


So from what I’ve gathered after visiting DIM today is that my powerful engram did not decrypt?


Lol I was kinda confused when my alone as a god and hawethorne’s were in the primary slot. Then I realized it was weapon slot changes.

Also I was actually terrified for a second because some of my exotic gear was in the postmaster, and I hadn’t noticed until just a couple minutes ago. Lol.


So I’m now running alone as a god+positive outlook+DARCI :stuck_out_tongue:

Dunno how well that is gonna work out.

I’m really excited to try the new weapon slot changes though.

I hope that with the new mods Bungie are rolling out, that you actually get a full customization thing with your weapons. I mean like you can actually reconfigure each individual part of the gun.

For example, you should be able to swap between different scopes, stocks, and barrels so that different configurations can be used for different missions. I’m not just talking about the little perks on weapons that literally don’t do anything to do the gun, but full on mods that you can see and feel when using the gun.

The way these gun components work as that you use gunsmith materials and craft them (let’s say banshee has 5 per day), but you need specific parts that are made by a specific gun manufacturer in order to fit it onto a gun.

So basically, use gunsmith materials to create gun parts, and each part will also come from a different gun manufacturer.

Now after that, you can use additional gunsmith mats to further upgrade those gun parts to give your weapons an even bigger boost.

Also gunsmith materials should now drop from enemy kills instead of simply from dismantling gear.

This would work very similarly for armor, but you could change things like the armor’s materials, add plating to the armor, etc.

This my idea for a cool (in my opinion) modification system for destiny.

I wanna heard what others have to say.

I know Bungie probably isn’t gonna do that (it sounds too modern war to me, honesty), but I seriously hope that they take some deep dives into what was once a very simplistic system that completely failed at its job.


Haha people are getting Forsaken gear already. So far armor and guns have been dropped.

So far, it seems most armor is getting 1-2 extra perks.

More details here:


Man I’m just itching to try out my double sniper+auto rifle combo.


Why 2 snipers? What’s the second one for?


First one is the raid sniper. Second one is DARCI.

I’m kinda annoyed that Bungie removed the plus 5 mods on weapons; my DARCI used to be 366 and my raid sniper used to be 364.

Also if people haven’t seen this already, but the leaked gear is actually pretty cool.

Also, armor has some pretty cool bonuses. Just to list a few, there is a perk that grants extra sniper reserve ammo, a perk that grants a higher chance to drop purple ammo bricks, and another perk that grants bonuses for all smg’s, when the user is equipped with one.

I like th sound of this.


I should be getting really soon, so excited!!



Do you play on Xbox @maxxpcexpert


Alone as a god as primary in pvp…