Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Ah good. I’ve really been holding off on my sleeper quest plus Polaris lance. I CANNOT miss that thing.


Oh shit I just remembered that if i don’t start doing a raid soon, I’ll never get sins of the past. Eh, but I have all the good legendaries anyway: nameless midnight, origin story, better devils, curtain call, antiope d, etc.

EDIT: Oh crap ikelos shotgun won’t be available either rip.


Well the redrix’s broadsword is coming in forsaken. From what I’ve heard, it’s just a copy paste of the claymore.

I’m partially happy and partially worried what this is gonna do to the game.

I’m partially happy cuz I’m gonna get to try desperado, but also worried cuz people are PISSED.


It seems okay to me since a) you get a cosmetic reward if you were able to get the claymore in the first place, and b) the quest to get the broadsword is insanely long and grindy. I feel that most players won’t want to commit to getting the broadsword anyway, so most people’s worries are unfounded.


You’re saying there is something more grindy than playing destiny’s PvP?


I mean, the quest requires you to play Destiny’s PvP, for an extremely long total amount of time. That’s pretty grindy.


Oh ok. That’s cool.


I’m kinda sad beause I did not do any of the solstice gear. Also does anyone know when the next black spindle quest is coming?


Today I really used riskrunner for the first time, after getting it several months ago.

I have to say, while the smg can be really average without its exotic perk activated, when arc conductor is in full force, this gun’s fun factor is through the roof.

I was doing Titan flashpoint for the free loot and decided to give riskrunner a spin. It worked out great. 80% of the time, a public event is the fallen Walker mission, and practically every enemy in that event does arc damage, so I can singlehandedly destroy a fallen walker leg without expending a single clip of ammo.

Also, there are these servitor mini bosses that are protected by fallen adds. Those adds only do arc damage, so if I continuously shoot the servitors in the crit spot, I can melt them in like 5 seconds, with just a risk runner.

This like my new favorite smg of all time.

I still don’t have Polaris lance though. When I have the time to get it, it’s probably gonna be locked in my energy slot though. Well actually when Forsaken comes, slots are gonna be changed, so I can use it as my primary and I’ll use some shit like Hawthorne’s as my secondary, and curtain call as my heavy.

Also I’m buying Forsaken yay!

Also isn’t arc conductor supposed to grant 5% arc damage reduction? I’m not feelin it…or is that buff with the catalyst? I’m not sure.


Has anyone completed nascent dawn, and if so, how do you activate the code that Ana gives you for step 2/5? I forgot everything about the game lol.

Also I got darci yay.


Which gun is better: buffed darci or black spindle? I don’t have the latter one and I have not tried the former one out yet. However, I’m pretty sure Darci is a boss killing machine.

I kinda wanna hop into a raid or something and try it out on calus.

Oh yeah, I got this cool shader for synthoceps (I think mars sunset), that makes the veins glow a light blue color.

Also this is the ultimate fallen walker killing strategy:

Get Biotic enhancements with synthoceps and then hop onto the walker when it reveals its vulnerable neck, and then stand there and punch at it.

I think the other players thought I was trolling when I did that.


I still want this game… just cant afford it yet… waiting for the price job of the year type sale.


You still want it? Well good news for you, in a week, the biggest expansion in destiny 2 history is gonna drop, so you’re in for a treat. The bad news is that to get the expansion, you need to buy the previous two expansions, the first one being absolute garbage, and the second being good.

Oh yeah are there any Xbox players who are currently in an active clan? I got kicked from clan after being in China for a couple months, but my old clan was actually really active so I’m kinda bummed out.

Note I’m only looking for active clans. If your group is small but very active, I will join. GT is J3ffXbox. I have a Titan at around 365. Also leveling my hunter.

Another thing to note, hopefully people in the clan are accustomed to many activities within the game, so that we don’t have weeks where no one clears a raid or does trials so we just get 2 engrams per week.


Well I was always a solo player, I would even take on the challenges by myself (unless forced to couple up with others (not always the case)

What I want from Destiny is its story… I heard they actually got one this time.


Most things in this game are best done with a group. A lot of things are also required to be done with a squad, such as raids, strikes, trials, etc.

Bungie is mixing it up this time. Basically, the “story” is obtained from collecting dead ghosts, killing bosses, and finding scorn drones around the different planets.

These lore bits are little collectibles that are sort of like mini trophies. The more you have, it shows how much more dedicated you are.

Also be warned, the story is really sad if you like cayde, cuz he gets murdered.

Oh yeah, if you get the game before 9/1, you will get a preview of a really exciting game mode coming in the new expansion. You get to play it for two days.

Watch this one:


Is it just me, or do powerful engrams always seem to give exotics? I can’t remember one powerful engram where I didn’t get an exotic (except once but that doesn’t matter). I got graviton forfeit and darci for my 2 recent powerful engrams.

Oh yeah I have the ophidia spathe hunter chest. I like the design, but I’m not sure about the overall usefulness of the item since hunter throwing knives are extremely under powered.

I think most of my exotic armors are hunter ones: Orpheus rig, celestial nighthawk, stompee, frostee, ophidia spathe, lucky pants, mechaneer’s Trick sleeves, knuckle head radar, and graviton forfeit.

Titan exotics I have are synthoceps, hallowfire, eternal warrior, worm god caress, insurmountable skullfort, and mask of silent one.


I can’t wait for the gambit demo this week!

I have like all the best PvP gear so I’m ready for that shit. But on the other hand, my best armors for my Titan are mostly raid armor pieces. Lol. I only have raid mods on those armor pieces.

Also, if Xbox players here are in an active clan, inv me. I need the extra engrams.


This should be helpful for returning players or even people still playing the game:

Also for activities to do before Forsaken:


Also I’m confused, is the whisper of the worm quest not timegated? Can I do it now? Idk bro.


Man getting headshots with the ikelos handcannon is so satisfying. Plus when rampage procs the damage numbers go up so quickly.

The thing is beast in crucible too. It absolutely melts people.