Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


To get the 400 armor you need to do the solstice event.


Haha rip me.


Is the armor cool?


Nothing has been shown yet.


Wait I’m not missing it. I’m leaving China in the beginning of August. I’ll miss one week at most.


Oh. Ok. What week is that arm week thing.


They’re also getting rid of supremacy thank god that game mode was ass.


@Maximumlimit15, do you raid a lot?


Not really, I’ve only done one raid since Warmind came out because I didn’t have the time before I got a break from my job.


I’ve beat a raid, but the second time I tried, all my teams were extremely incompetent (lfg people). It was only the third or fourth team I tried that was actually good at stuff and could beat it first or second try.


Don’t even get me started on my attempts at EOW. My teams couldn’t get through the first phase of Argos.


The destiny website has my power 10 lower than it should be.


Might be showing your base power level and not including the +10 from legendary mods


Nah even then it would be 355 probably.


So cayde is changing VAs now. Dunno how I feel about that. Kinda like Nathan Fillion as the VA. He’s really good.


Is anyone grinding the solstice of heroes event?


Will year 1 weapons not be unlockable in year 2?


Beyond a select few which will have random rolls on them ,no.


Dang. I barely have any exotics. I started pretty late, pretty much a bit after Osiris landed and every quit blah blah blah.


Exotics don’t count lol, that’s only legendaries. Those don’t have random rolls anyway.