Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Also just curious, the last day of school for me is the 20th, and I’m pretty much gonna be playing for the whole rest of the day after I’m back from school, so I want to see if anyone is down to doing heroic strikes/nightfalls/raids that day. Btw I will be on at about 11:30 AM that day, and I play on Xbox.


Ok I am somewhere around 357 on my Titan now. Life is good. I have a 353 Better Devils, 360 Positive Outlook, and a 357 Merciless. Those are all my highest power weapons. My highest power armor: 361 Leviathan Helmet, ~360 Phoenix strife arms, 362 Actium War Rig, 352 Leviathan legs, 360 Leviathan Mark.


Does anyone here still actively play on Xbox One?


I still do but I usually go solo, if you do need help with anything other than the raid, nightfall, and escalation protocol I can help tomorrow maybe.


I don’t really need help, I just want people to play with.


Apparently mida multi tool now drops at 265?? Anyway, I got the alone as a god sniper rifle today.


@Maximumlimit15, what power level are you?


Sorry for the late response I’m currently 365 or somewhere close I can’t really remember I haven’t played at all today. Was too busy writing and then I had to work.


Why are you sorry? Work is always more important than checking some statistic for a video game.


Man sunshot is a fucking god tier weapon now. It hits so hard, and the explosion radius does even more than that. I wish I had enough time to grind for FWC durin faction rally week, because with the extra range and stability boost, i can’t even imagine how much better this gun will be.


Faction rally will be returning next week and your ranks supposedly carry over.


Haha I’m gonna be gone next week fuck my life.


@TinyPickles318 what light level are you?


361 is my max ight.


I swear if the next faction rally happens when I’m on vacation…


When an exotic engram gives you graviton lance and not suros regime…


Looks like we’re going to be getting level 400 armor with this Solstice event as well as 400 level weapons from the two prestige raid lairs. I wonder if we’ll actually hit the 1,000 light cap in this game since each dlc usually brings us 100 up with the exception being the two comet expansions.


Wait the new power cap is 400?


Yeah but only for the warmind expansion I guess.


Well I’m missing that solstice event too rip. Does the 400 power cap require you to play the solstice event.