Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Ahem, what would you ever do without a Titan rally barricade?


What do you mean?!


Literally just use my rift to reload without having to crouch.


Only if you have lunafactions on.


Lunafactions > pretty much every other warlock exotic


How. What do you mean.


I’ll admit the only good thing about warlocks is their nova bomb and the fact that their armor looks the best.


NovaBomb as well as devour are really good but I love the adorable Arc soul so I use StormTrance


You know what else is a really good super, Titan hammer


You’re dead to me if you don’t play the best class Warlock


Brah…just play an hour of Titan and I guarantee you’ll be switching to tian in no time.


Not happening.


Well then I don’t have time for you sir good day.


Self rez is a crutch jus sayin


Self Rez is an amazing support tool no one can say otherwise. I mainly use it when it’s needed. But if you wanna play the crutch game from D1 then you also had WoD and Shadowshot. Both returned in D2 except WoD isn’t as good and ShadowShot it even better. I will agree that Sef Rez can be a crutch but in a game full of crutches I’d say it’s the less of the two other supers.


It’s only supportive when you’ve messed up and it doesn’t help your team outside of giving you a second chance after you’ve messed up.

Not gonna talk about WoD. Unless Shadowshot in D1 works completely differently than the wiki says not really. Good shadow shot usage will make a run go faster but it’s not gonna save a run after your team has messed up.


Oh finally PS4 exclusives will finally be available for everyone after forsaken drops.


#Hunter life for the win


Boi…#titan is masterrace


Forsaken is bringing a PS4 exclusive strike, exotic weapon, and a ship (I think).