Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Apparently there is a thing included with Forsaken called “Spark of Light”, which is basically a free character boost. I’m pretty sure it will cost money, but I’m not positive because the article worded it so that it sounded like the boost would be included with the DLC. Requirements are that you have 2 characters or are completely new to the game.

I don’t really like the idea of these “boosts”. It really takes out the whole point of playing a game like this. Plus, it’s around 30 bucks a pop, which I don’t think makes a whole lot of sense. You’re literally getting a level 30 character with a set of 385 gear, why so much money.


This was in D1, as well.


Oh they’re bringing those back as well? Yeah they were always a rip off and ruined some new players experience if they didn’t want to go through the whole game. They were mainly meant for someone making a third character and not wanting to grind all the way up to the new dlc tho.


Yeah that sounds like a waste tbh.


Usually they give each player 1 for free with the expansion but I’m not sure if they will.


If it’s free as like a gift, i won’t complain, because I’d like a warlock anyway, but I don’t think they should sell this on a normal basis.

EDIT: the expansion will offer players one free boost

I’m a bit confused though how exactly do these level boosts work? Do they just give you a free max level character, and 385 weapons and armor? How exactly does it work?

EDIT 2: Oh wait it just gives you a level 30 character that’s it well never mind.


E-Excuse me?! You DON’T use the best class?! H O W D A R E Y O U .


I have a warlock on my alt which I never use.


You’re dead to me.


#Titan is master race.




Warlock is gross. They’re so weak.


Maybe you just suck at playing the game! Warlock may be easy to kill but they can hit hard when they need too!


Shut up whadda ya mean. Titan has the best supers. #sunbreaker ftw.


Sunbreaker is only used because it’s really powerful! Warlock is just in a bad state right now… I’m waiting for that new dawnblade super so I can finally be a support Warlock again. Sigh I miss Self-Rez…


That’s like saying graviton lance is only used in PvP just because it melts people. Of course people would use it for that reason.


Pretty much yeah. I won’t lie I’m glad that they’re making us feel powerful but where’s muh warlock buff ;-; the only thing that needs buffing is the supers for Dawnblade and Stormtrance, they’re really underwhelming atm.


Screw you flimsy warlocks. You wouldn’t be complaining about needing a buff if you were playing as a Titan.


Yeah, without us Warlocks in D1 most clutches wouldn’t happen with no self Rez, in D2 you wouldn’t get our powerful healing rifts or empowering rifts. Not to mention if stormtrance got a slight buff to damage for at least PvE it’d be a reallly good enemy clearing super.


Then again like no one uses the rifts except the warlock who puts them down because no one really understands how powerful they can be if used properly.