Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Well of course that could be the case, but if you spend all that time grinding for it, it feels like a better reward than getting it the first try. I mean like that’s kinda true in real life. You fail over and over again, then finally achieve something, isn’t that good?


Not really. Yeah you finally get it but for me at least it’s not feeling better it’s more like Jesus christ the bullshit is finally over

I’m sorry but I don’t consider a game finally rolling the right numbers an achievement and I don’t consider not getting a drop to be failing.


Eh well, like I said, the potential for an even greater perk set on a gun is only available with random rolls, like I said in my origin story example.

Also, consider how many perks there were in destiny 1, then look at destiny 2’s tiny perk pool.

Random rolls won’t be a huge deal.


Part of balancing guns is making sure they get appropriate perks to go with their stats. Give a gun the best stats and give them the best perks in that roll table that’s the only gun that will be used and all the other guns are basically trash to be disposed of.


Yeah, but the point is that could happen. There is no guarantee it will. Therefore, you can’t insure that everyone will only be using that gun all the time.


You’re right some people will pick a statistically worse gun because they enjoy using it but they’re still using an objectively worse gun.


Yeah, but you see random rolls change that. You could have one version of a gun with bad stats and perks, but the next time you get it, it could have good stats and good perks.

Also, it’s not just that they’re adding random rolls, but they are reworking the mod system. I’m not exactly sure what they are doing, but sounds like you can a lot of other things to personalize your gun and make it better.


It gives you something to work towards rather than a good gun being handed to you which I like.


The stats won’t change though?

But you’re not working towards it. You don’t get the god roll for winning 100 crucible matches the computer rolls a number and you either get it or you don’t maybe it’s the first maybe it’s the thousand maybe you still don’t get it after a year.


Actually stats do change.


For weapons? All I’ve ever heard was grinding for the right perks not for the right damage/reload/stability stats

This is even worse then lol. You now have RNG on top of RNG. Oh got the god roll stats well too bad perks are garbage


Well now random rolls also means random stats.


Welp glad I didn’t purchase the season pass cause fuck that bull shit. I don’t need another game with RNG on top of RNG without any way of mitigating that.


Well, actually, random rolls is available for everyone regardless of whether or not you bought forsaken. So lol…


I’m saying I’m glad I didn’t waste money on a game i’m 100% gonna drop.

I already played one game like that and it was just an exercise in frustration trying to get classified gear sets and weapons with the right perks and stats even with a reroll table.


Yeah you are, just because it’s not guaranteed doesn’t mean you aren’t trying to get it.


Working towards it implies you’re making progress. With random rolls it doesn’t matter if you got 10,000 bad rolls of that weapon it doesn’t increase the likelihood of you getting a god roll on the next roll unless there’s a mercy rule.


To be clear, random rolls means that the 2 perks on any given legendary weapon will be randomly selected from the pool available to that weapon type. It doesn’t affect the stats in any way unless the perks in question affect them.


No, if you take a look at the reveal trailer, there is a spot where the mouse hovers over the three auto rifles which are exactly the same. You can clearly see certain stats are tweaked, as well as perks.


This is because said perks tweak the stats, of course. Not because the stats on each weapon are randomly rolled, because that would be ridiculous.