Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


I understand this feeling, but to me it feels very entitled to demand something on this scale for free. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to buy it, but game development costs money.


The whole thing, with the new map, armours and weapons and supers? Nah.

Mode, debatable.

I’m assuming that the quality of life improvements will be for everyone, but I’d be sad if they aren’t.

I definitely want to buy the expansions and get back into the game, but if it’s gonna cost £60+ to get up to date with the current Destiny experience, I won’t know if I’ll want to actually to pay up, y’know :confused:


I think it would be worth it. It looks really fun.


I think I should make this clear that most of the changes that were mentioned are going to be a big free update.

For example, weapon slot changes, random rolls, improved mods, and collections/triumphs are all going to be free. So potentially, you will not need to pay a cent to have a fixed destiny 2 if what I listed above was what you are looking for.


Except all Vanilla weapons were in set roles, that pretty much means that unless they change some things around (which I hope they do and won’t be greedy) you’ll need the dlc for the slot changes as it contains the secondary and primary shotguns, the secondary snipers, etc.


Yeah I guess. We’ll just need to see how they implement these changes.

I really wanna do something like Origin Story+Curtain Call+Telesto.


Normally, i would be rather indifferent towards people who trash a game, but those who are still saying d2 is going to be shit, honestly just stfu. The devs have been listening, and although it has taken a year, they are rolling out all these great changes. All of these changes are going to be FREE, and NOT included exclusively in Forsaken. Honestly get a grip on your self. Nothing will ever be good to one if oneself does not want to think it is good. Try to get off the hate destiny 2 bandwagon and try to formulate an objective opinion rather than simply branding it as trash without even having a decent understanding of all the information. Seriously, I saw one guy who thought forsaken was 70 dollars. I mean come on, if you’re gonna hate on a game for its price tag, at least figure out the actual price.


I just heard about the news of Uldren killing cayde. Go fuck your self you awoken bastard.


Wanted to kick his blue ass when I first met him in D1. Please let him be the final boss for the new raid, please pull a TTK Bungie he’s such a big character that he deserves a raid treatment… then again Nokris and Xol did too…


I’d rather have payed a few extra bucks then have to wait a year… I know that making games is hard, and you can’t please everyone. But just… Sigh. Fix your game till people are happy with it before you start selling off dlc and season passes. (Not just d2) if you can get a game to that point first, your dlc will sell itself, and I would imagine you’d have a much bigger profit margin.



Honesty while I reallly like Cayde I’m glad they’re killing him off, it shows the Devs actually seem to care about the story of the game and not just gameplay, after all, it takes a lot of strength to kill off a character you took time building up. I know from personal experience. The threat of death has never been serious in this game, even when dying twice is talked about it’s never been taking into account that it would actually happen to a main character. So I’m glad they’re kill off Cayde, I am curious who will be the next Hunter Vanguard though. I’m also hoping for another Taken king like cutscene where we actually have other characters we know get involved.


Well Bungie is making fucking random rolls exclusive to year 2 weapons. However, they said that year 1’s could be “carried over”. Not exactly sure what that even means because it sounds like they’re saying weapons from different years aren’t usually allowed to be infused or something? Anyway, each forsaken weapon seems to be getting at least a couple traits. Like some guns were outlaw/rampage or whatnot.


That’s probably because when The Taken King came out we couldn’t transfer any of our weapons and a lot of people complained.


Oh ok I see.


Ugh random rolls are the worst


Random rolls are the best! I’m excited to see them return. We can now finally hunt for the perfect roll again.


Soooo amazing farming for an item for 10 hours only for it to drop with a bad roll. WELP I GUESS ALL THAT TIME WAS WASTED.

Random rolls exist to drag out “content” and give kids with too much time on their hands an advantage and is contrary to popular opinion in the destiny community the definition of casual

Worst part is you’re not even earning it I could spend 100 hours farming and not get it while buddy over there could get it on their first run.


Weapon rolls shouldn’t even a terrible problem tho, since most guns I believe only have two traits anyway. It won’t be that hard two get a really good roll, cuz there are very few traits anyway…


What’s the point though just put the good trait on the gun and be done with it


Well let’s look at it this way.

Let’s say we have origin story, a very good 450 rpm auto with rampage and some other perk that is worthless like field prep (I believe that is what it’s called) and drop mag, that’s a bit of letdown. Well, if you can get random rolls on origin story, then you could potentially get rampage and kill clip and ricochet rounds. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Three great perks on a great gun. That’s why I think random rolls could be good.

Also, there needs to be a balance. If they have a bunch of perks like 100, then random rolls would be a pain. However, they don’t, so that is why I don’t think random rolls will be bad. A decent amount of perks paired with guns with 2-3 perks is a good idea in my opinion