Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


I just did my first raid minus Calus. Got like a billion engrams and some sweet loot, but not the helmet or sins of the past rip.


Watch this. If the leak is true, we could have a full revival of this game.



Honestly that leak sounds like a better story then what we might get, we’ll see though I’m hoping this comet expansion will be really good.


Well fuck. That sounded epic to me.

EDIT: or maybe they’re lying and they’re secretly developing it…


There’s a livestream reveal on Tuesday just in case you didn’t know,


Beat the raid, got the helmet. My life goal is complete.

New dlc is called forsaken


Even with the fake leak, Fall expansion is still happening.The Taken King was excellent so I have high hopes for this one.


Honestly, I really hope Bungie does not fuck this game up. I love this game, even if I have not played d1. This is one fucking hell of a fun game for me. I could not stand to see it if people hate on this game and more and more people leave.


I’m not going to lie, Forsaken looks really good already…


It looks fucking godlike. New subclasses, new weapons and perks, better armor, fucking amazing new mode, awesome world. Can’t fucking wait.


Not a fan of announcing the season pass at the same time as the new expansion, but the gameplay itself looks nice. Not that they really showed much of anything TBH.


Nice? More like godlike. There are like a billion new super abilities and new enemies, new gun load outs, better armor, a cool new mode, awesome raid area/endgame area. Plus bows. I cannot wait to use triple bow in crucible or something like that.


The things that really matter to me are changes to the depth of subclass customization and the overhauled weapon slots, and there weren’t nearly enough details on these changes for me to be fully satisfied. New content is nice, but Destiny 2 needs more than just new content.


Yeah, I agree the subclasses feel very simple. However, from what I’m seeing, each element subclass will be getting a couple new super abilities. You already saw solar hunter with quintuple knife explosion, solar Titan with giant swingy hammer, void warlock with teleportation/self destruct, and arc warlock with a giant hand blast. They will also probably make the existing subclasses much deeper and sophisticated.

The new slots also look wicked cool. You could see that you could literally run triple shotgun, or triple sniper. I’m also sure that I heard that it is possible to designate whatever weapon you want to a different slot. Potentially, you could be running triple rockets.

I get that some people are still very dubious, but I think it would be incredibly hard to say no to this.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m still buying it :smiley_cat: Just trying not to jump on the hype train until we see some more of the fine details.


Yeah, that’s really what I’m worried about. What they showed was insane, but I’m worried that when it does come out, it won’t be as amazing as the hype was.

I’m just watching so many destiny youtubers flip out over the reveal.


No it does not look godlike, it looks like it’ll surpass TTK which is awesome but not godlike, we’ll see what happens when it releases. Also those new guys look like reskinned new ability fallen which was what RoI did. I’m hoping we might get to see the return of Skolas since there was a prison break at the Prision of Elders if I’m interpreting it right.


Yeah, looks great but £35 is pretty steep for an expansion imo. As someone who hasn’t really played at all since pre-CoS, I’m excited for there to be a bunch of new changes and content heading back to the game (especially hype for bow <3 ), but am slightly concerned at how much it’s likely going to cost me to get the 3 expansions. and then more if I fancy getting the season pass for the next ones :open_mouth:


Yeah I’m mostly concerned about pricing too. While I’m not bothered by the price, I know a lot of people are, because to some people, it’s literally an extra 40 dollars for things we should have gotten in Destiny 2 launch.