Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Still need to test out curtain call though, see if it there is an actual need for sins of the past…haven’t had the proper opportunity. I only played crucible and did the meditation where you drive the tank for the whole mission.

I didn’t play any video games for a week so my aim was really out of whack. However…I did manage to hit someone with a hand cannon in Fortnite from like 200 meters away so that’s something. My aim was ass though. I couldn’t land headshots at all with with inaugural address. Ugh…:expressionless: normally I three or four burst people down if I’m in it with the gun, but not today. I kept getting killed by this noob to the game that had not a single legendary piece of gear or even an exotic. That’s how bad I was. Normally a get like 20 kills a game but I was averaging like 15. Frustrated.


Finally finished the campaign for my titan. I starting to like the titan. Health regen with melee kills is pretty nice, since pretty much every subclass has it, unlike hunter and warlock where it’s only the arc and void subclasses. Now I just have to get her to 305 and start on a warlock…then repeat the whole thing for my alt acc.


This game is being so nice to me. I got 2 legendary engrams from a loot chest in EDZ, and a second one from a strike, almost right after I beat the campaign. Also, I got insurmountable skullfort from the clan luminous engram. What a lucky day. One downside was that I got the prospector form the exotic engram Zavala gives you at the end of the story.


Hey just a quick question, but how do you exchange gear between characters when you switch characters? I have a feeling it is with DIM, but just in case it is not, what is the method?


An item manager of which DIM is one of em or you use your bank


Aight bois got the two DLC’s. Not sure how I feel. I can really see what people mean when the DLC campaign is boring, but I’m hyped for escalation protocol, as well as all the new weapons.


is this a pc or console thread…what format is the most popular?


Finally got sunbreaker and positive outlook.


Such an accomplishment filled day. Beat the Osiris campaign (the boss was the easiest mission I’ve ever done), leveled my Titan to 24 and she’s around 310 now I’m pretty sure. Got this aeon Swift thing from Ikora. Not sure if it is good. The perks look ok, since it grants ability energy and stuff, but I’m not sure it will be very powerful since the majority of the perks usefulness depends whether or not other players have the aeon armor pieces on. Dunno if I should scrap it and get free legendary shards. I have around 370 rn.


I am now at 335. Beat the whole warmind campaign today. Very happy. Got Requiem 45, telesto, and a whole bunch of other shit. Titan is bae.


Ikelos handcannon is fucking God. The damage output is incredible, and rampage makes the already good damage double.

Also, @Rapterror, you planning on doing the raid? I’m 340 on my Titan now.


The Ikelos handcannon fucking shreds in PvP. Reasons why it is so good:

The unique perk all the warmind themed weapons has is seraph rounds, which is basically a combination of armor piercing rounds and ricochet rounds, so it is great for shooting through groups of players on an objective or rift.

The weapon is incredibly stable.

Rampage is fantastic for a hand cannon like this.

The only things that are bad about this gun is that the reload speed is on the slow side, but that can easily be remedied with an energy reload mod. Also, body shots are incredibly weak and sometimes seem to have no affect at all.


That’s funny, because I’ve had close to 0 success with it in PvP.


I hit a lot of headshots, which is probably why. I don’t know, because I have the worst luck with most hand cannons, but this is like my soul mate for PvP.


What the hell is with heroic strikes anyway? They’re harder than NIGHTFALLS. I am 340 on my Titan and I was just trying to do my milestones, and then the second i got into the strike, I got one shotted by a fucking GOBLIN. Even one telesto shot couldn’t kill a single enemy. Why the hell are they so hard?

It took me and my team who were all a bit under leveled 30 minutes to get to the boss. Kudos to my team, they stuck with it the whole time, but I just got so fed up after we had to restart the boss fight for the 5th time that I left. Never gonna do another heroic strike. I could probably solo the nightfall faster than I could do the heroic with a team.


The reason for this is pretty ridiculous: they were unable to increase the difficulty of the nightfall because it would be unbeatable for players without the DLC. Because of this, the achievement for beating a nightfall would be unattainable, therefore violating the Xbox guidelines on all achievements being possible for everyone. So they had to keep the nightfalls easy.


It is pretty absurd to me. Pre Warmind, heroic strikes were already the same as a normal nightfall iirc, now they are 80 PL’s higher. I’m not saying make them less hard. Heck, I’m all for the challenge, but make them doable for newer players who just leveled up (I got both DLC’s on Friday).


Personally I think they should have just added new modes for the DLC for the nightfall that would increase its light level but don’t attach any achievements to it.


Yeah. Since there is a “normal” difficulty, you would think there should also be easy and hard, and then prestige. It should be something like


Also, there should be specific strike loot for all four, but then as it gets harder, there is more and better gear you can collect for each difficulty, and also armor. Armor would be so cool…drooling

That should also be for EP. It looks like fun, but I get demolished by level 400 acolytes that shoot nukes at me. It should first of all be a matchmaking thing, and you can choose the difficulty. Instead being of a patrol zone area, it is basically another “planet” like crucible or strikes, and you basically fly to a private, EP exclusive zone of Mars.


New Polaris lance looks like a fucking beast.