Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


I use LFG on Xbox, but I have no mic.


Looking to set up an Xbox raid team so I can finally beat this shit, don’t care about light though a higher light level would be nice.


305 nightstalker pick me plz


What’s the GT?


Wait what are you serious lol. You realize I literally will not be able to damage any enemies because their power is so high?

I’m 305, the recc. power is 370.

Anyway if you’re actually serious it’s J3ffXbox.


I don’t think he means Spire of Stars.


Well that would make more sense.

Anyway @Rapterror add J3ffXbox won’t be on for a few weeks though.


Raids and Raid Lairs are different. I said Raid.

I don’t really feel like adding you now.


Technically you said raid team, which could imply a team to do a raid, but would be more generally considered to be a team that does raids and raid related things like raid lairs.




Do you already have a raid team set up or are you planning on doing the raid soon? Because I will not be on for a couple weeks. However, if you are planning to do it in a couple weeks I should be on. Our school has a long weekend for Memorial Day, so I should play any time during the weekend in 2 weeks. Or just the weekend during Memorial Day.

Also be warned, if you do want me, I don’t have a mic, and I’ve never cleared the raid before




Ok I get it if they are gonna make the first weekly reset mars related, but at least make the flashpoint on a more accessible plant! Flashpoint is extremely easy way to get milestones.


It’s funny because before the new patch, I had some of the worst exotics in the game, but they have been buffed so they’re actually worth something. Mainly graviton lance, which is probability op now. The death blast does enough damage to kill a vandal sized enemy, and it obliterates hordes.


But why do you want things to be easy though?


I’m saying make things more accessible. For example, heroic strikes are only available with curse of Osiris, but why can’t they just make it so that the heroic strikes that are part of the dlcs can’t be accessed, but the ones with the base game are available? I have the heroic strikes milestone every week, but it doesn’t make sense because I cannot even do the heroic strike. What is the point of putting it there? They aren’t even all that special. It’s literally a strike playlist but the strikes are 10x harder. What is the need to lock it behind a DLC?


Apparently destiny is getting a ptr.


Ayyy, finally.


My only problem with it is that it’s most likely gonna be on pc, so I won’t be able to use it.


Ok two failed attempts at lfg for raid. Think it had something to do that I was 305. Rip me and my lack of DLC’s.