Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


It’s technically a raid lair but whatever.


Yeah I know, I was meaning that the final boss can be actually challenging and it’s not just “shoot it then hit it with this thing” or something related to that.


Agreed, raiding is meant to be the hardest PvE content in the game. They made Wrath of the Machine and Leviathan too easy, I’m glad this one is turning out to be appropriately challenging.


Actually I felt RoTM was pretty good, while not challenging I feel it was the best raid to actually balance mechanics (heh) and actually encounters. It was a nice blend of both instead of one lacking the other.


Is there any reason why the clan engrams I get from specific faction based activities are not giving me the specific faction based equipment? I opened a raid engram, it gave either a crucible or vanguard item (I can’t remember which). I opened a trials engram and it gave me a plain old crucible shotgun that I had gotten 3 times already. Those two engrams were what I was looking forward to, since I was hoping for sins of the past from the raid engram and the trials smg from the trials engram.

Why is this happening?!

Also, how do you get a high nightfall score? The first time today that I ever beat it, I only had ~30,000 points, whereas the bonus point threshold was around 100,000. I killed 100 enemies, got the killing blow for the two tanks, and still barely got 30,000 points.


I’m not sure about the clan engram part, perhaps they changed it or it’s a bug. The nightfall part you prolly have to kill a lot more enemies and do more things that award points.


I think there’s a speed run aspect to the point total



Why?! My only chance at getting sins of the past is forever gone.


That’s kinda bullshit tbh but I guess it might be because the people who do it were complaining because people who don’t do the activities still get the good weapons.


I mean I’m fine with getting vanguard items, because I still don’t have origin story, but I fucking hate the crucible weapons. The only worth while one is better devils, which I already got 3 times. Plus, the only trials weapons I got was a sniper which I don’t like in the first place. The raid weapon I got was the pulse rifle, which I love to use in PvP.

Also why do they call them raid and trials engrams anyway then?


I guess you are right because I’m pretty sure there is a score multiplier thing involved, but my group finished in like 15 minutes. We demolished the boss.


This change needed to happen. It was ridiculous that you could get endgame items from activities without needing them to actually drop from those activities. This is probably the single most applauded change to the game in the entire update from a large portion of the community.


Still I will never ever recieve a sins of the past. sighs in disappointment. Well I still have a curtain call, which is a basically the same I guess.


Oh yeah, also, for some reason, my power engrams are not giving me exotics anymore, whereas they always gave me one before. Is there any reason why?


I mean… you could do the raid?


I ain’t got no time. Plus I have no friends lol.


What exactly is a nightfall challenge card?


The same portion of the community which will refuse to run a raid with anyone new after the first week


In all my experience in both Destiny games, the players who refuse to run raids with inexperienced players are a minority. There are many, many players who are willing to help teach newer raiders the mechanics of a raid because it’s fun to do so.


I mean, neither do I, but I still love raiding via the magic of LFG sites (and also to a lesser extent guided games).