Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


This is one of my favorite things, because now maxed out characters have challenging content with relevant rewards. Exactly what the game is missing right now.


Yes except I’m too weak to play :sob::sob::sob:


You’ll get there, sooner or later. Not like it’s going away anytime soon :smiley_cat:


I know I said this but I am so fucking hyped. Warmind DLC tomorrow!!

I really hope Bungie doesn’t fuck up and lose more players. I believe this game has so much potential and it deserves to have a huge player base.


Never have I seen someone complain about special weapons or weapon rolls…


It’ll most likely bring back a bunch of players for maybe a week or two then drop back down, that’s how the last DLC was.


Then you’ve never even looked at the destiny subreddit since it’s like half of what they bitch about.


The difference is that Warmind is coming out alongside a rather large update that changes a lot of things, whereas Curse of Osiris had basically nothing of any real relevance. I think that it’ll probably spark a larger resurgence in playerbase than CoO did.


Possibly, I’ll still be keeping my eye on Destiny but I won’t play it. I love the game to death and it’s super fun but if the expansion is only as long as CoO it’s definitely not worth $20. I’m just hoping Bungie can get their shit together and release free stuff that’s actually good as well as the paid expansions, that might be a hope that’ll never happen though.


Oh hey let’s not forget this either.

I sure as hell won’t and will refer back to this if they continue to give us bad stories that could have been much better.


I’m no huge Bungie defender, but titling your video “Bungie LIED about the Summit”, then spending the entire video nitpicking two words out of Deej’s article and complaining about how he wasn’t invited to the community summit seems extremely clickbait-y and whiny to me.

I can’t blame Bungie for putting lore second to gameplay in their development right now, because it’s by far the least of their concerns.


He said he didn’t care if he went, they said they’d have someone from the lore community and not one person that we know of showed up. It’s really bad to lie to the community and act like things are fine. Also gameplay does not come before a story, a lot of people play the games just for the story not for the good gameplay and plus most of it is pretty good with no changes anyways.

If fact a lot of games with not so good gameplay are actually saved by their great stories.


In the case of Destiny 2, where the gameplay has far, far more issues than the lore does (this is not in dispute by literally anybody), gameplay fixes come before lore. Gameplay is what makes a game a game and not a movie; in nearly all situations gameplay needs to come first.


We both have our different opinions I will respect yours as long as you respect mine :slight_smile: let’s put this down now.


Yeah probably, but I’m hoping for the best.


I just tried graviton Lance in the crucible, and I have to say, it wrecks butt. My only complaint is that the fire rate is a bit on the slow side. Also, the initial shot could do a bit more damage in my opinion.


Another decent weapon I have found: the forward path.

It has pretty good damage, nice magazine size, and the tap the trigger perk is pretty useful.


The spire of stars raid lair looks hard af. Even teams of 370’s (which is the recc. power) cannot beat it. I’m pretty sure a simple melee from a legionary can reduce 2/3 of your health. Bungie went a bit too trigger happy when they tried to make hard end game content.


Nope! Spire of the Stars is THE first actual raid that I feel I can compare to destiny 1’s raids when they first came out.


I just beat a nightfall with 2 random people. It was pretty fun, and honestly, it hpfelt the same as a regular strike.

I got curtain call for the milestone reward woohoo!