Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Ah, okay. I get it.


Correct, no game yet sadly


Does your brother have it?


He does, but he’s completely across the US from me. He’ll probably join when I get it


Probably asking cause of Gameshare did your brother get it digitally?


He bought the game through pre ordering at GameStop

Which is where I am going to go get D2 Friday :wink:


So I decided to do the flashpoint last night cause I felt like it and I did the first one on earth. Then me being me (an idiot) I go to Titan even though I read it and I should have known that it was only for EDZ. So yeah needless to say I spent an extra hour awake finishing it up. RIP me


Max to Dad: If you get Skyburners oath before me imma be jelly
Dad to Max: Well then I’ll get it first
Max: T R I G G E R E D
The next day
Max: gets skyburners oath
Dad: Asleep
Max: Wait till morning…
Max: Guess what I got
Dad: I don’t care
Max: Oh…


I hate YouTube lmfao


I’m getting so bored of Destiny 2. x.x


Who made this thumbnail??


How 2 troll fanbase


Triton-something? I forgot his username


Raid comes out in an hour or two, make a Raid team and take it on.


Found said video


I play by myself. x.x or randoms


Well, consider yourself lucky, because my team couldn’t make it passed the second room.


I decided to switch from Xbox to PC for this one…

#DISCLAIMER# Not only do we get absolutely no veteran rewards on PC , but PC also gets the luxury of releasing TWO MONTHS after consoles.


Found this on my Facebook feed lol


What items does the “microtransaction store” (which isn’t true because the currency is easy to obtain in game) sell that directly impacts gameplay? I get that they sell mods, but those are easy to obtain outside of the store as well.