Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


If it was that dead the game would have been abandoned.

The D1 playerbase are the toxic portion of the fanbase always bitching and moaning about how D1 was so much better, calling it a dead game etc.


No one’s pretending the game is unflawed. He is simply saying that people are being too ridiculous about it.


There is still a decent amount of people. It seems healthy enough. I really enjoy this game. So I would play it regardless if people hate or love it.


You’re overgeneralizing. Plenty of the people bitching are people who picked up the game on launch based on advertising and found it severely disappointing, while many of the D1 fans (myself included) have only the game’s best interests at heart when offering criticism. Again, ignoring the problems the game has and shit-talking anyone who speaks out about them will solve absolutely nothing whatsoever.


Not really basically everyone on DTG which almost solely exists to bitch about destiny 2 always prefaces their complaints with I HAVE 10000000 hours in Destiny 1 because yadayadayada and THIS (lack of random rolls, TTK, dual primaries, etc.) IS WHATS WRONG WITH DESTINY 2

Like ffs calm your tits destiny 1 player the game wasn’t better because you wasted 100 hours farming for a gun so that you could win matches in the crucible and random rolls is the epitome of casual you beat a mission cause you got the gun +1 congratz


You’re ignoring the entire argument and dismissing it without even considering it.

The entire point is that those 100 hours weren’t wasted. They were time spent building up to a final reward that was made all the better by the effort required to get there.]\

Destiny 2 lacks this entirely. In fact, it completely lacks anything resembling a compelling reward loop. Readily handing out all of the best gear in the game to any player who plays for a few hours, then rewarding long-term commitment players with pointless cosmetics and recycled loot is a fundamental sin of MMO design. It removes any form of impact the game might have on a player beyond the opening hours, since every reward in the game becomes irrelevant so rapidly.

All of these problems are solvable, and in fact Bungie recently held a community summit with prominent content creators to discuss fixes for these issues that everyone, D1 vets and newbies alike, has with the game. Saying that the only people who take issue with the game are whiny D1 addicts who blow everything out of proportion is woefully understating thee complexity of the situation.


If you actually had to work towards it sure but that 100 or 1000 hours (yay RNG) on my part trying to get that gun could just as easily be one hour/run for my friend Tim.

Locking the best loot behind RNG on top of RNG is much much worse. You’ll never know if it’ll take you 1 hour to get that god rolled item or 1000 hours but every time you enter PVP you’re at a disadvantage because the guys on the other team have more hours to waste getting that item or have just a smidgen more luck and got it without the same time investment.

The problems being solvable doesn’t mean that the majority of the problems aren’t overblown by a toxic fanbase.

Just the vast majority of the most common complaints come from D1 addicts.


Does anyone know an average time for a raid? I’m planning on doing one, except I don’t know if I have enough time.


It depends on the party you’re playing with. If they’re super experienced (you included) in the raid the lowest time could be an hour and half depending on your luck. If one or more people are expirinced it may take some more time depending on their understanding.


However if the gun is really good it’ll feel a lot better getting it after 100 or so hours than having it handed to you.

I’ll agree with you there however, that’s one of the main reasons why raid weapons have set good perks that made them decent even if you didn’t get a good role.

A lot of games problems can be overblown by their Toxic fan base however pointing it out will do nothing. If the game is truly a good game then the pros will outweigh the cons.

That’s because people are disappointed in Bungie not learning from D1


but isnt “HOW MANY” the issue?


Well I’ve watched mixer streamers and twitch streamers alike, and their seems to still be a hundreds thousands of people into the game. I might even a couple million. The clan I just joined has a 100 people, and a lot of them seem like they are still dedicated.


Well I’ve watched a lot of raid clears so I have a general idea of how things will work. However, when you say an experienced team of players can clear in an hour and half, do you mean if they are trying to speed run or if it is just everyone is trying a decent amount?


Except I’ll be pissed off every time it doesn’t drop or drops with the wrong rolls which won’t be outweighed by the relief that it finally dropped with the right rolls.

They did learn. Constant bitching about the special weapons which they spent the entire time trying to balance so they move special weapons to power weapons and D1 crew bitches more. People complain about spending a hundred hours trying to get a good roll on a gun so they make guns fixed rolls now they’re dumbing down the game and casualizing it even though there is nothing more casual than winning cause you got lucky and have a better gun.


Can I infuse a higher power hunter chest piece into an action war rig?


One game of Iron Banner Control:
34 kills, 3.4 KD. Still loses by 20 points.




DTR has the player count yesterday at about around 250,000 players. Could be worse, I guess. Higher than I was expecting to be honest. I think part of it might have to do with Warmind coming out tomorrow, which is the reason I started playing again a couple of days ago.


I can’t wait to see warmind when it comes out tomorrow :grin:


I pretty disappointed because escalation protocol is supposed to have enemies 380+ power, so it means I will need to grind a lot, but I don’t have a lot of time to play.