Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


I think your being a bit too critical. They are taking big steps to improve their game. I know they have made many mistakes, which makes people impatient, you should at least give them a bit more credit.


Lol they’re making a fucking competitive ladder now. The pulse rifle reward is only available when you reach the 3rd highest tier. Rip me.


No I’m not, there’s never such a thing as being to critical on a subject.

Which they did in Destiny 1 but never carried over to the second one, and now it’s taken 2 DLC’s to make these big steps that were already in the first game.

Trust me they’ve made plenty more mistakes than just “many”

I’m not impatient I’ve just accepted the truth that Destiny will never be good, it has good gameplay but with all the stuff they’re doing buying the game isn’t even worth it.

Credit for recycling content? Credit for ruining the entire game instead of just adding onto what Destiny 1 had since they’re basically doing what D1 did but with even less content now. Credit for making D1 such a good game after all the DLC then tearing it down just to make more money? Yeah, no thanks.


Look, I’m intrigued by what it seems like Warmind has to offer, but I’ve been burned enough times before that I’m going into this with a high degree of skepticism. Which isn’t being overly critical, it’s just reacting to events like a normal person.


Look I am not a destiny veteran. This was my first destiny game. Based on zero experience from the original, i think Destiny 2 is fun. Of course for someone who has been through all of it, it might be a terrible experience. I just don’t think it deserves so much criticism.


I don’t get why people don’t use Phosphorus MG4. It is such an underrated gun. I would consider it to be the best energy SMG I have ever used for PVP. The stability is amazing on that weapon on its own, and if you add a couple energy stability mod on there, there’s literally 0 recoil. It looks really ordinary, yet it melts people like butter. Legit, if you can hit HS, they go down in 2 seconds.


But it does. Without criticism nothing will ever get better, however it took two DLC’s for the devs to at least kinda listen to the community so I highly doubt if destiny will ever become a game that’s worth it then it won’t be for awhile.


Yeah, I understand that people say that the devs don’t listen and that it was a completely half made cash grab. However, I’m not a very hardcore player, because I cannot play that much. So, I’m fine with the state it is in right now. I like it when you get to try out a new class for the first time and use its super or get a new OP gun for the first time. It’s a nice experience for me and that’s all I’m saying.


There’s useful criticism and then there’s the destiny community criticism.

We hate X nerf X

Destiny 2 comes out



Joined my first clan yeet. I got a bunch of free engrams for it. Last Dance+this random shotgun. Yeet. Plus I got the iron banner boots. Now all I need is the helmet and chest piece.


Does anyone know what the iron banner seasonal reward is?


I’m not talking about balance criticism, the game could be super unbalanced in PvP for all I care as long as it does what it keeps talking about which is showing a good story and fun gameplay that doesn’t get repetitive in like a week or two.


Turns out sidearms will always be shit.

Also the seasonal reward for iron banner is actually just a fucking emblem reeeeee.

For some reason, I keep getting shotguns in my loot boxes now. It is pretty agitating.

Also, I just found out that if you use Arcstrider>combination blow, you can pretty much melee hordes of minions to death. It works extremely well.

Xur’s inventory is still shit.


Well this is 100% what I’m talking about

People get so down on destiny 2 that they think that it isn’t worth 12 dollars lol.

Yeah it may not be how they want it and yeah there are problems with it but ffs it’s not worth bitching about 24/7 and it sure is hell is worth more than 12 dollars.


Lol how is the endgame locked behind a paywall. I’ve never known that you had to pay to do a nightfall or raid.


Haha got inaugural address, a trials sniper, and wardcliff coil from the clan engrams.


I really hope that if they make any more PvP related changes besides what is coming with warmind, it is the matchmaking system. The games I play in are always extremely lopsided. It’s either my team is full of incompetent fools, or my team steamrolls the enemy team. I would like more balanced teams because games get retardedly unbalanced af.

Also, why the hell do they keep the colony. It is soooooo rage inducing. Unlike normal grenade launchers, this weapon requires NO aim at all. If it came down to a 1v1 between me and another guy with the colony, he could aim the other direction and the grenades would still manage to kill me.

EDIT: I got the full iron banner set! Finally…:grin:


People tend to overblow the problems the game has, but it’s equally unacceptable to pretend there’s no problem at all.


wait, I though this game was more dad and buried than evolve. is the population holding on/?


Few games are that dead. There’s still a decently sized fanbase that consists mostly of D1 players holding out hope that Bungie can pull it together.