Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Yea I guess so.


I bought celestial nighthawk from xur. Hehehe…now I have the two most powerful items for the hunter…hehehe…hehehe…ok I’ll stop.


It’s too bad I don’t have the time or people to do raids. It would be really cool to try these exotics out in a real exciting setting.


Who’s hyped for warmind DLC? I know i am. As soon as it is released, I’m buying the expansion pass for DLC 1 and 2, and thetaken queen.


I definitely am!

I am also really looking forward to the exotic tuning coming with said update; graviton lance sounds like it will be amazing!

Now let me slip back into lurker mode before people notice…




I can’t wait to see if the speculation of a new enemy type is true. Imagine fighting a warmind! Also, with the 3rd DLC, they might be bringing along a new guardian class and new light element. Plus theyre adding random rolls and weapons slots and stuff. I really hope they can do it in a way people like and bring back more players.


I made a warlock on my second account, and I have to say, it is by far my favorite class. I love how far you can jump with it, and it’s very easy to control how you jump, unlike the Titan, where you occasionally jump off a cliff by accident. Daybreak is a fun super to use, and the healing rift is invaluable in missions like those in Nessus where there are often swarms of enemies coming at you.


I found a rare agro handcannon archetype (the slow, heavy hitters). For a blue weapon, it’s surprisingly fun to use. If you can land mostly headshots, people in the crucible melt like butter. My only complaint is the incredibly small magazine size (7, which is actually small, even for a a hand cannon), and the painfully slow reload speed. I often need to blink around like fuck to avoid dying, although it usually doesn’t work. Plus, the gun has kill clip which doesn’t make sense for a gun with such a long reload speed. If I could just fit a couple reload speed mods onto my armor, I would probably keep this weapon as a crucible gun. However, my warlock is level 14, and I haven’t unlocked the tower yet.

This reminds me. There is a super rare nightfall handcannon called the DFA. Dunno if anyone has heard of it, but it looks really cool, and it is the same general hand cannon type.


Let’s gooo!!! There could possibly be a new subclass or light element coming with the DLC, new activities, and some returning exotics from destiny.


Because they didn’t have enough of those already.


It was really only the armor, right? Plus some weapons like Mida. They have a lot of unique exotic weapons and armor.


You do realize it’s almost completely reused content right? They make bare minimum changes on most weapons and armor sometimes don’t even get new perks. They probably haven’t brought back the good ones either. Warlock to my knowledge is still missing some super good exotics that they should of brought back instead of the trash ones they did.


One of the exotics might be suros regime.

Anyway, they might be making a survival kind of game mode.


Hard Light
MIDA Multi-Tool
Crimson (functions identically to Red Death, a D1 Exotic)
The Jade Rabbit
Celestial Nighthawk
Knucklehead Radar
Young Ahamkara’s Spine
Lucky Raspberry
Graviton Forfeit
Shinobu’s Vow
Insurmountable Skullfort
ACD/0 Feedback Fence
Crest of Alpha Lupi
Helm of Saint-14
Mark-44 Stand Asides
Skull of Dire Ahamkara
Sunbracers (previously Sunbreakers)
Starfire Protocol
The Stag

More than enough returning Exotics for me. Please come up with some new ones instead of recycling all the old content, Bungie.


You forgot ophidian aspect lol but anyway, I think the dlc will still be very good. I haven’t played destiny 1, so I know my opinion’s kind of invalidated, but I still think destiny 2 is really fun.


The power cap is now 385 (including legendary mods). Bungie is basically trying to make it more rewarding when players reach the power cap by making the grind much, much, much more difficult, especially from 370-380 (excluding legendary mods). Even if you are a person who does all weekly milestones, if will take many weeks.

Also, does anyone here own a clan for Xbox One? On my main account, I am a 305 (I just don’t have a lot of legendary mods) nightstalker hunter. I also have a Titan that I am leveling up. I am semi active (i can only play on the weekends). I want to join a clan because first I need those clan engrams if I an going to power up when I get the DLC’s, and second, I want people to do nightfalls with.


Still looking for a clan. Does anyone have a clan for Xbox? Once again, 305 nightstalker/hunter main. Leveling a Titan. I don’t have DLC’s yet, but I’m will be getting them.


I saw the reveal trailer for the warmind DLC, and I’m kind of curious. Right about in the beginning, Ana’s eyes turn from an orange to a kind of sinister looking red. Then, she starts to scan the distant warmind. What is the meaning of that? Is she like part robot, or was she taken over by some kind of technology?


Search up about the Bray’s they did a bunch of stuff with robots including turning Cade into a robot. I think they did I don’t remember if it did point directly to them doing it. Anyways I won’t be getting the DLC after how much of a disappointment CoO was, I’ll just sit back and laugh at people who complain when they expected more content from the DLC when it’s just as barebones and recycled content as HoW was. Also Ice Hive! Yeah super original! Just throw some ice on the hive and BOOM new enemies! You got Snow Thrall, Ice Cube Acolyte, Snowball Boomer! And hey! A new enemy! It’s literally just a chunk of ice! Whoa!