Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Would you say coldheart is better?




I played around with Autumn Winds in Iron Banner. Got a streak of 21.


Well people are happy with the mobility changes, but they’re still bugged about the loot system.


Looks like destiny 2 has the potential to save itself.


I’m hearing lots of good vibes from people.


Lol they removed radars in pvp. Now things like Gemini jester, MIDA multi tool, and Knuckle head Radar are useless.


Only comp and trials and thank god it made flanks impossible


Yeah but now there is literally no point for me to do the MIDA quest.


Asides from still really good exotic scout rifle? You can use it to boost your light level. Also the radar is still active in the regular pvp.

was like 50% of the community that used Mida in PvP


Oh i didn’t know that.


Now that vigilance wing is the god weapon, I’m glad I have 3 of them.


Why? You only need one and if you’re using it for PvP then you can just pop it out of the collections tab. If you use all your characters you still only need one and you can swap it super easily between characters


Oh…so I can just scrap the other two?


Yeah pretty much. I keep one copy of each high light weapon and armour set. If I really don’t like the exotic I just dismantle or infuse it since I can get it back at any time. Only thing I keep multiple copies of are my favourite energy weapons and that’s only so I don’t have to use up all my arc/solar/void purple mods


I think it’s better to keep any exotics no matter how trash they are. I just put them in the vault.


Also, my new favorite weapon is vigilance wing. If you can get a kinetic counter balance mod on it, it has much less recoil and you’ll almost always land the five bursts.


You can just remake them for 10 shards from your collection though.


Oh. Well when ur a pleb like me, ten shards is a lot.


If you didn’t hold on to 3 duplicate exotics you’d probably have more =p