Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Oh I was talking about pve. But idk I haven’t seen any sunshots or midnight coups. I tried sunshot the first time I played PvP., and it wasn’t that good


Man I wished more people here still played destiny 2. I know people hate it for its issues, but I still feel like it’s a nice game. Hopefully the next 2 dlcs Change things. Btw, @Dovahkick, will you be getting the dlcs?


I was watching this guy play crucible, and he kept jumping around doing nothing, and at the end of the match, he got an exotic engram.


Has this thing happened to anyone where the game said telesto was “already added to collection” when it clearly wasn’t? I’ve never gotten that gun (although it would be really nice if i did). I noticed this when I was viewing an exotic engram I got.


Finally they did changes for the PvP aspect, many power weapons (except R.launchers and swords) has been buffed, Uriel’s gift is now less accurate, explosive rounds deal less damage in PvP but more in PvE, pulse rifles in particular have been buffed, ability mods have been doubled in efficiency, supers should charge 25% faster, and a whole lot of other things.


Looks good maybe dragonfly won’t be useless soon.

Same with mobility. Love hunter. Hate how the primary stat is the worst


Is this across all modes? I don’t see a need to nerf it for PvE. There isn’t a point in that.


If it’s about accuracy, of course that it would be for both PvP and PvE.


What’s the point of nerfing something for pve though. Also, it’s not exactly the rarest item. I bet you 99% of players have this weapon.


You can’t tweak a weapon to make it inaccurate in PvP and accurate in PvE, the damage per bullet is the only thing that can have a difference between PvP and PvE. You can deal thousands of damage against PvE ennemies and deal dozens in PvP with the same weapon. It’s just that the PvE ennemies have thousands of HP and the player can have from 186 to 201 HP depending of the Resilience.


Yeah you don’t make something handle differently between game modes. You can change the damage or reload speed but having a different accuracy, recoil or bullet travel speed is a horrible idea


It just seems pretty pointless. Something can’t really be op if every has it. Think about it. If everyone in a game used Uriel’s gift, it really just comes down to who has the better aim and quicker reactions.


And also, why are they nerfing explosive rounds? That pretty much destroys guns like better devils that rely on explosive payload to deal finishing blow.


Ya no. Just because everyone has it doesn’t mean it’s not op it just means everyone can use that OP thing

Same reason they nerfed HCR it was over performing. They also mentioned no gun would lose damage just have it shifted from explosive rounds


Yeah, so if everyone can use it, it really just comes down to skill. It’s like everyone having the worst gun in the game. Sure, it might be terrible, but if someone can do really well with it, it doesn’t matter that it is terrible. Same with the best gun.


Still not how that works. If you give everyone in the game prenerf prometheus lens it’s still OP but now everyone only uses that


I’ve never seen someone use prometheus lens in PvP.


You missed it’s release then. When the Osiris DLC first released prometheus lens had half the TTK of any other gun and was super easy to use


Is it still good now?


I dunno I haven’t heard or seen anyone use it. It’s probably middle of the pack now