Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


I guess so, but vigilance wing is still decent in PvP.


Eh it’s an exotic that’s only decent. It’s better than the others in it’s class but there are better legendaries in other classes.


My new favorite weapon for crucible is the Phosphorus MG4. It’s an absolute beast. Things that make it great:

  • High fire rate
  • Really large mag
  • Rather quick reload
  • it also looks good.

It you have this gun, I recommend trying it out in crucible with a nightstalker hunter for the invis+reload dodge. I went on like a 7 kill streak with this thing today, it’s absolutely amazing. I died because I ran out of ammo.


Is there a way to change the color of your crosshairs? It’s really hard to see them because 90% of the maps are white or have very bright lights shining. I really need it if I will have any shot at using a hand cannon in PvP.


Do faction rally weapon rewards still stay there even after a week after the end of faction rally? I wanna check out that new monarchy scout rifle it they win, which I’m pretty sure they will.


Nvm it was a pulse rifle. It has rampage though, which I don’t think will work out that well since it’s a pulse rifle.


I was playing crucible, and i was doing control. Basically, I was on A trying to protect it. Two people came at the point. I went invis and got one of them, then the other guy came at me and I got him to. Then, two people ran at me from the street to the left of A. I looked around the building next to A and picked off one, and then started firing at the other one and then barely killed him with a melee. Mad skillz. :stuck_out_tongue: also, I don’t don’t get why people love Antiope D so much. The Phosphorus MG4 is probably better than it. First of all, the fire rate is 50% faster, and the magazine is bigger. Also, it’s incredibly stable with the right perks (it feels like there is no recoil at all), and it has a pretty good range as well. Plus you get to move faster with it. If I could choose between antiope or phosphorus I would choose phosphorus.


There was a pretty terrible warlock I encountered that had no aim at all. He was standing in a rift and had a height advantage, yet he missed all his shots and I killed him. Also, if you manage to get scathelocke, give it a try in PvP.


Iron Banana week!


Iron banner was pretty boring. The orimund’s avil is just an average AR, even a little bad. It does weak damage and the perks don’t seem to work at all. I feel like it just gets less accurate the more you fire. Anyway, that’s just my opinion. Hopefully others have been having more luck with the weapon.


I’m fucking done with crucible. The game has the worst matchmaking I’ve seen in any game. It’s probably dumber than Overwatch. You always get paired with airheads who I think are just there to troll. When an enemy shoots at them, they stand there and let themselves get shot at. When heavy ammo is near, they grab it just to fuck with you and then waste it. When it is control, they just go after kills and never capture the points. When it is clash they never get any kills. When it is supremacy they never bother to grab the crests of teammates or enemies. It’s just fantastic. Bungie focuses so much on the PvP aspect but it fails to make it good.

That brings me to another point. There is no originality in the games. Every game, you’re up against 4 uriel’s gifts, MIDA multi tools, and sins of the past. Everyone has the same weapon so it gets insanely boring. There are billions of great weapons out there, yet every time you get killed, you just see uriel’s gift or MIDA multi tool. I have yet to see a skilled handcannon player, or just someone who doesn’t glue an auto rifle to their energy slot. Meta slaves.

Pulse rifles are supposed to be buffed soon, yet I see not a single pulse rifle. Handcannons like better devils can still perform really well in PvP, yet no one has the skill to use one. Heavy weapons like swords are overused and have way to much ammo and pulse rifles, which are beasts, are barely touched.

I may sound like I’m just ranting and should shut up, but it’s kind of the truth. The games need originality.


That’s the main reason why I hate the crucible, all the players have the same weapons. Everyone plays with rocket launchers and Uriel’s Gift and Better Devils…no one plays with side arms or pulse rifles or shotguns or etc…
I think the same thing about the crucible, it gets boring as all hell. I even deleted my masterchief Better Devils after noticing that it was an over-appreciated hand cannon, and changed my power weapon to a shotgun. I even delete Uriel’s gift everytime I loot it, why doing like the others like a sheep when you can be YOURSELF!?


Well you’re lucky. I’ve never been killed by a better devils in my life. I’ve been trying to pick up better devils in crucible though. I do agree with uriel’s gift though. Way to overused.


Lucky to get a weapon good for recycling.


I wouldn’t recycle better devils. It’s probably the best weapon for pve right now. Plus I’m pretty sure it’s an original design. Not just a reskin. I have gotten a couple though. I’m saving it for my Titan and a warlock if I get to it.


It’s only good for PvP, I don’t find it good in PvE. It’s made for single targets with its high damage input and slow reload.


Have you tried changing the perks? The slow reload might be because you have extended mag. The second option has much faster reloads at the cost of a slight mag decrease. Also, with explosive payload, it can do some extra damage to groups of enemies.


I did when I had it, but I was tired by the amount of players using it. There’s as much rocket launcher users as Better Devils users.


That is true. There are some other good hand cannons though. If you have sunshot or midnight coup or the old fashioned, the last two i have heard are good hand cannons, and sun shot it just self explanatory. Midnight coup is a raid weapons though, which may complicate things if you haven’t done the raid.


Sunshot’s IMO not very good for PvP, so I prefer to get killed by a Sunshot user (and maybe a Midnight Coup user 'cause I never saw anyone using it) rather than a Better Devils user.