Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Heh the funny thing is, I don’t get kills that often, cause I’m pretty bad. I always get killed bc I kinda just charge in with a smg thinking there is only one lone enemy, but the whole team ends up being there. Also, no, I haven’t completed the quest. I want to save the quests for when I get the dlcs, especially the Mida quest, all my stuff is at 300 rn, or 305 if they have the legendary mods, so I wanna use the quests to boost my power.


I have some of the best PvP weapons in the game, like antiope and Uriel, but I just don’t have enough skill to manage my movement and abilities etc. I consider myself to have decent aiming skills, just lack game sense and ability management.


All right bois a new Titan in the house. Sentinel sucks btw it attacks so slowly and you can’t control it at all. Waiting to get my sunbreaker.


The jump mechanics will take some time to get used to anyway. Also I’m kinda confused rn. How do you use the titan’s shield on Xbox? The hunter’s dodge bound to BB, but idk for the Titan shield. Help :confused:


Also, how do you make yourself throw your sentinel shield? I haven’t unlocked all the ability trees for sentinel yet, so that may be the reason I can’t.


Pretty sure the Shield is only formed during the ultimate

And you should be able to throw it same button as your grenades

Don’t really remember the button, I’ve been away from the game for a long time


You throw your shield with the grenade button, you can also protect yourself by triggering the aiming button. If you took the defender tree and completed it, you can maintain the super button to create a dome arround you, giving a lot of armor to you and your allies entering it. However, you do not transform when doing so, but it’s a rather useful Super in PvP because it allows you to contest points safely and prevent flanks (except if someone else use a supernova, a shadow bolt or a rocket launcher on the dome…).

The dome can save you in a lot of situations, you can even survive Super attacks inside the dome because of the armor.


He’s asking about the barrier class ability i believe

I just googled it and apparently you hold B


Yup, that’s was I was talking about. Thanks, I now know a lot more about the sentinel class thanks to you guys.


If I exit a story mission early, will it reset at my last objective or no?


I have no idea. I usually finish the mission then stop playing so I don’t have to take that risk


The last time I quit destiny 2 while playing a mission I had to completely restart it.


I got off lucky got to reset my game at the last objective I did.


I got to that part where Asher gives you a free exotic, but I already have a sunshot and Riskrunner, so I had to choose graviton Lance. It’s actually pretty good, don’t get why there is so much hate.


It’s meh. It’s damage isn’t actually any better than most other pulses it just sticks the majority (75%) of the damage in the 3rd shot so if you miss that third hit you’re only dealing 1/4 of your damage. The only real benefit is no damage drop off for the 3rd bullet.


It’s pretty hard to miss the three shots unless you completely suck. It has surprisingly less recoil than the pulse rifles I’ve encountered. Speaking of pulse rifles, is it just me, or is it extremely satisfying when you land all 5 headshots on an enemy in PvP with vigilance wing?


Still easier to just land one shot with a scout rifle or fire a burst at close range with an autorifle. Pulse rifles are meh in general. Close range SMG mid range AR long range scout rifle

And like I said 75% of your damage is stuck in the last shot but it doesn’t deal much more damage and it’s explosion on kill is shit

Use what you want but don’t confuse a fun exotic for a good gun.


Ok, well I think fun-ness is part of what makes a gun a good gun.


Hand cannons also good for close range, and a few really good pistols.


Yeah but what I was trying to say is pulse rifles are in a super awkward spot where they get beaten by most other weapons except for a small sweet spot between AR and SR optimal ranges

Well it doesn’t make them good in PvP OR PvE