Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


I opened my legendaries and never got an exotic. I’m not complaining about that exotic or anything, but it’s just strange.


Ok I do have the prospector, and I got some good weapons today, like last hope, riskrunner, and antiope d. :grin::stuck_out_tongue::sunglasses: Antiope is a beast in PvP. I got a triple with it.


Also, some guy said this other sidearm, the last dance, was better than last hope, but just looking at it stats wise, last hope is the same but with better stability and reload speed.


You got it somewhere and if it wasn’t from an exotic engram then it came from a purple engram either a looted engram or from turning in tokens


The Prospector is pretty cool. Each clip has like 10 rounds so you can spam it onto slow moving bosses and mow them down. Plus with the instant reload dodge thing with hunters, you can fire all 17 rounds at once. I used it on the giant ogre dudes in the savuthunn’s song strike.


Is last hope still good in PvP anymore? Most of the people I see on mixer go with either antiope+Uriel/Positive Outlook, or Mida+Uriel/Positive outlook. I watched a video where this guy said last hope was very strong in PvP.


Do people on Xbox still play trials and have maxed out power? I want to play with a team.


You know those ghosts that “generate gun telementary data on x kills”? Someone originally said it was the gun materials, but I don’t think it is. What is that telementary data? I mean if I got weapon parts every time I got an arc kill, I’d be swimming in that stuff.


It was Gun materials


Really? So basically every time I kill an enemy with x energy weapon, I get a gun part?


I said was. I’m not really sure if that’s what it does anymore. I never noticed anything happening with it though


It’s basically the random shit you find on planets like dusklight shards, data lattices etc. but for Banshee-44 they’re barely worth anything


Ok lol thanks then.


Bought merciless from xur. Not sure if it’s worth it though, doesn’t seem to be as powerful as people describe it.


The fact that it has a six shot magazine makes it hard for it to reach its full potential. But still, if it’s one of the most powerful guns in destiny 2, might as well have it.


Also, I got the crimson shaders, now my hunter looks sexy as hell.


I’m yet to get an exotic armor piece that is actually useful. Hopefully my dream comes true and I get celestial nighthawk or Orpheus rig, because I scored an exotic engram today.


Does anyone here still play on Xbox? Looking for someone to crimson duos maybe ltr.


When I was watching some trials games on twitch, i saw some people using black scorpion, and so since I got it today, I want to know if it’s a good PvP weapon. I’m really struggling at finding a good load out, and a good hunter subclass. I like the voidwalker’s invisibility factor, but also the gunslinger’s instakill super, which I can use better than the other two subclasses.


You like invisibility, huh? Have you done the rat king quest (I haven’t)? It gives you an exotic weapon that gives you invisibility if you reload after a kill, its damage output also increase if nearby players have it as well (can stack up to 6 times).