Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Uh, yeah…kinda.
But myself have a power level of 326 and I keep getting power 319 items in every event, it’s getting a little annoying after a while.


Yea. I guess that’s the downside of being really high power.


Not true. It’s a guaranteed huge boost to your light level you want to use it efficiently like you would a powerful gear reward.

ofc you can get it whenever but it’s recommended you use it to boost your LL


Do the lumnious engrams you get from doing that crucible milestone reset if you don’t claim it by the end of the week?


I heard it gets dropped into your inventory if you don’t claim it by the reset.


Ok good thank you sir.


Which one would you choose in Pvp, does not compute or nameless midnight? Both look pretty similar in terms of stats. I like nameless midnight a lot. Headshots hit very heavy, and I like the rate of fire. Haven’t tried the other one yet, even tho I have it.


I’m so happy they’re bringing back 6v6, it may just revive my interest in PvP in this game :smiley_cat:


Please, not the rockets.


They are? Well I’ll be trying it as soon as they add it. Bigger fights sounds like a really good idea. I hope they have a capture the flag game mode or one v one’s as well.


I’ve heard that lumnious engrams decrypt at +5 power. Also, do they increase in power as I go up? If so, is it smarter to decrypt it at 300 assuming the drop is actually 305, or should I wait till I get the new dlc’s and then decrypt it? It’s the crucible lumnious engram, and I’m pretty sure the only good thing I can get from it is better Devils though.


Does anyone here who still plays plan to get the next dlc?


Haven’t even gotten the first DLC


Oh would you buy them tho?




I was on DIM when I saw in my power weapons, I had the prospector, that exotic grenade launcher. The thing is, I had only opened one exotic engram last weekend, and I don’t recall receiving that grenade launcher, but rather vigilance wing. Is this some kind of glitch? I haven’t logged in yet to find out, since I can only play on the weekends.


You can get lucky and get them from powerful gear engrams or legendaries though it is uncommon


I hadn’t opened any luminous engrams.


You can also get exotics from completing side quests. They’re not that easy however and require time. The Sturm for example is annoying, I had to kill 10 strong Fallen (with the golden health bar) on Nessus and ONLY Nessus.


Exotic quest rewards are sturm, legend of acrius, mida, rat king not the prospector which is the exotic grenade launcher he got

But you can get them from the legendary(purple) engrams or from turning in tokens