Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


It sucks to be alone, I bet my mother and sister forgot about the game.
I ask again, but my blizzard tag is Dovakhick#2875


Wish I could I’m on Xbox tho.


Oh yeah! Finally bought that exotic sparrow!
I had just enough dustlight to buy it.


I don’t like any of the exotics sparrows, ships or ghost shells for this season =/


The exotic sparrows look pretty stupid tbh. I like my current legendary sparrow better. It’s more visually appealing. Plus it spawns faster, which I think is pretty cool.


Also now that I realized the soft cap got bumped up, I realized that my Nameless Midnight and Uriel’s Gift will quickly become useless.


But at least they’re faster than the usual legendary ones!


I have 2 exotic sparrows that like. I just don’t like the appearance of the new ones. I got the racing one and sparrow jousting one


What’s the maximum speed you have found so far? 160?


Yeah I’ve had a couple dozen 160s like 99.99% sure that’s the cap


When is it recommended that I do the Mida quest?


Whenever you want, if you dismantle an exotic weapon or armor, you can always craft it from your chest for the cost of 10 legendary shards.


How long does iron banner last? Also, is there a site that lets me find decent teammates? All my teammates today sucked. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know how long the iron banner last, but I think it’ll stay long enough to help you get 5 times the entire armor.


I just gave iron banner a try today anyway. It’s not very different from normal quickplay. I’m pretty decent at PvP in Destiny. I’m just looking for a decent team who is coordinated. If any Xbox players want to play with me either later today or next weekend, if Iron Banner is still live, I would be happy :grin:


I already finished the two side quests for the iron banner, got the entire armor, a few weapons, the background menu, the sparrow and the ship.


If I remember correctly, it lasted a week the last time it was here


Dang the weekly reset is on Tuesday, which means I won’t be getting any iron banner armor. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: the armor set looked really cool. The only thing I managed to get was an iron banner themed grenade launcher and some iron banner shaders. Also, should I do iron banner if I’m only ~295?


Your strength doesn’t matter, it’s your skill that matters.


I’m just wondering about the rewards. If I’m a low light level, I’ll get low rewards from the event.