Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Spoilers for the story kinda!

“Sacrifice leads to death, so feel free to kill yourself” - Speaker 2017 10/10 best roast of 2017


Reach max light level, prep a raid team for Leviathan, get the raid exotic quest on Earth or Nessus (or anywhere, really, it’s just easier at those two…) get some exotics under your name, complete every Strike, complete this weeks Nightfall, wait for Curse of Osiris to come out in October, etc.

Edit: Complete all blue and orange field missions, join/start a clan and try to make it as powerful as possible. I will probably think of more.


That was beautiful lmao.


Ew, Titan. You clearly are not a member of the inglorious Warlock master race.

What subclass? This will determine if you are truly one with the Warlock.


I run sunsing- I mean Dawnblade and for PvP I run tickle fingers/Stormcaller


I was going to call you a scrub for being a Stormcaller, but I’ll allow it because Tickle Fingers is a great name. I’m just a Void Walker through and through, now that they have removed my darling Sunsinger.

Question, what system do you play on?


I play on Xbone cause I have friends that play it and I just don’t like the PS4 controller. Also my dad doesn’t like PS4


Wanna join my raid team? We have three people currently, myself as a Voidwalker, @Hippaforalkus as a Nightstalker, and our friend as a Sentinel. We need three more.


Well I haven’t played PvP in awhile tbh so I haven’t been using it. Also I hate the new voidwalker it just feels different to me.


I dunno I don’t really join clans and I’ve promised @The_Specialist that I would play with him


It doesn’t matter if you join the clan, you can still take part in the raid with us. And Specialist can come too if he likes, we still need three more.


My brother could join it too


That works great. What light level are you guys, @The_Specialist, @Maximumlimit15?


I don’t think he has the game yet but I think I’m like 245 cause. Also I can’t play on the weekdays so I won’t be there when the raid comes out. I have school to manage sadly


Damn, aight.


What I mean is I’ll be playing after school but I won’t do raids cause they take awhile and I get home at like 3 PM I need to do some homework then i have to eat dinner at 6 PM Take my medicine at 7 PM then be asleep by 8 PM


Well we have a full week before it resets. Also, bed by eight, wtf?


I need to wake up at like 5:30 AM


So do I, but I usually stay up till eleven. At least, I did last night. I wake up just fine.


I have a problem with waking up