Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


I did, it’s just that the “press (button)” command was kinda messy.


Does anyone still play on xbox?


It’s supposed to be like that, and I love it. It’s really cool how it does that honestly


What, really? For what purpose?


Hidden place, it’s like a hacked transmission kinda thing. Your Ghost says something about pages missing, so I guess it was “encrypted” type thing


Mmm, I get it. But I thought it was the game that was glitching.


A new update got released, it allows the craft of masterwork armors.


Also iron banner right? I got a masterwork weapon, doesn’t seem to give me lightorbs on multikills though.


Light orbs are dropped like ammo, but maybe you don’t see them because they have a tendency to roll on the ground and so get on the loose. They’re simply orbs of light that regenerate your super. Bigger ones can drop for your allies when you do kills with your super.
They look like this:


Thanks. Is that origin story you have there?


Yup, it was after I came to talk to Ikora.


Oh I have nameless midnight and nightshade i kinda don’t want nightshade cuz i hate Pulse rifles. Nameless midnight is a beast though.


My favorite gun


I think it’s kind of weak in PvP though. I was dueling this guy with Mida, i got rekt. I was also hitting a lot of hs.


That’s cause Mida is a super powerful exotic scout rifle.


Yeah, but Nameless midnight is also really good, plus it has explosive payload. I landed all headshots, but I still got killed.


The big ones only drop if less than half of your super was filled by orbs.


Exotics usually always outclass legendary’s in stats.


ok, verdict? and ones not influenced by 1st game.


I like it but after I got to max level I haven’t played it in a bit