Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


It’s simply a good Auto. It and the Prosecutor are the best Autos in the game. Though autos aren’t as good as they used to be.


This is my Hunter. My Titan doesn’t get the same treatment.


I love the design of this armor, the white and purple goes well together.
Are those weapons randomly dropped?


Only way to get them is via Trials. You can either get them from token turn ins, or from the weekly pool of three weapons. The armor is only available if you go flawless.

Edit: I also have 3 different armor sets depending on what I’m doing or what I feel like running. This is what I usually use in Trials or PvP.


I’d like to do the trial of the nine, but my sister and mother both suck in PvP and they got tired of it (they even chose crucible instead of the trial once, but we still did not play the trial at least once).
What sucks also is the amount of freeze I get for every piece of information my computer get each time me or any other player does any action (melee, shooting, super, ammo pick up, grenade, ability, kill, shield downed, etc…) and it happens ONLY after I start a first crucible, the 2nd crucible game doesn’t freeze anymore…without forgetting that stupid Superfetch which “does its job”.


That’s really weird. If you wanna play send me a friend request. My BNet is Shunty#11825.


Keep it secret, keep it safe.




Isn’t positive outlook the best auto?


Kill clip is very strong, but the gun doesn’t have the same easily controlled recoil or range that the Prosecutor or Uriel’s have.


Crucible is a pain. My team always scatters and/or jumps into a full group of enemies and gets themselves killed. I try to get them to group up, but they either don’t have mics or just don’t listen. Any tips so that I can just win solo?


Long time no see shunty.


It’s a good rifle in a good archetype with good perks ie high caliber rounds


What happend?


He’s just been gone for a while.


Cough Bullshit Cough


Who doesn’t like easter eggs in the tower?


I saw that once

I like the purple ball better lol


I in fact searched on the internet for easter eggs and found 4 for the Tower, one that gives you a movement bonus when completing “The floor is lava!” mini-game, one with the ball that you have to wander in some places of the tower, a hidden room in the hangar and the soccer area again in the hangar.


The Floor is Lava one I learned just exploring the Tower.

I found the hidden room running around with Floor is Lava, also did you listen to the dialogue in there?

I also kicked my brother’s ass while playing Soccer. 3rd point was a tough one to get

Didn’t know about the ball one though