Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


You don’t need to, I didn’t and look at me! Power level 320


Legendaries aka purples, then exotics and your milestones once you stop gaining light from blues and purples


Every time I play a match in Crucible, the game freeze for every piece of information, shooting, melees, abilities, supers, frags, death, power ammo pick up, etc…
At least it doesn’t happen twice after a second match.
Do you have that sometimes? Because it only happens in the Crucible for me.


I’ve never experienced that. Is it just lagging?


It looks like lagging except that I have the ethernet. It’s the game’s performance.


Oh ok then. Well I don’t really know then.


Yay I’m past 265 now! I just spammed the faction tokens and got all the engrams. Plus I got Scathelock and Hawthorne’s field forged shotgun.


The grind after 260 honestly isn’t as bad as people describe it.


The inverted spire strike has got to be the hardest strike yet. It took me and this group of randoms 5 minutes to get past the drills. The boss is so annoying. I can’t imagine doing that strike on nightfall mode. It took me like 40 minutes to beat the regular strike. I did get some nice rewards tho.


IIRC the soft cap got raised with the DLC


Anybody hit 335 yet on PC and still play?


Does anyone here still play on Xbox and can do Leviathan raid? Not exactly rn, but I’m just looking.


I’m around 315 in power and I play on PC. Does it count?


Maybe. I’m honestly just looking for people to play with. Most of my trials guys have quit.


This is my character as of now.


If you have Uriel’s gift, it goes really well with actium war rig. I’m pretty sure you have Uriel gift, right?


He’s using a SMG.


Oh it looks kind of like the auto rifle.


I’m hyped I got Uriel’s gift today lol.


I don’t have it, what’s so special with it?
Also, 3 pieces of my armor have reloading bonuses for the kynetic weapon, it’s quite useful for revolvers IMO.