Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


I mean you can do that if you want to rely on luck buty method is guaranteed to work


Every weekend, a vendor named Xur appear somewhere in one of the planets (or even in the city bellow the traveler). He sells exotic armors and weapons for legendary shards, and an exotic engram that contains an unobtained exotic item.
I watched in the wiki, and it seems that they are from Jupiter and its moons and were former humans like the awokens.


Xur has random weird tentacles sprouting out of his face. Also just to be sure, Xur is pronounced like Zur, right?


If I complete a milestone, and wait to claim my rewards, will my rewards grow in power as i grow in power?




How do you get origin story?


It’s one of the story rewards or you can get it from vanguard engrams or the weapon smith engrams or the random legendary engrams.


The story rewards? I finished the campaign never got it.


3 letters and not even a /10char ?


Hit reply and then the quote option

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It’s magic =p

You should get a 3 weapon choice from zavala but I don’t remember when you get the choice



noooooo you revealed my tricks now the magician society is going to lynch me


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What’s the max power rare gear can drop at?


Uh it’s like 8 or something below your max light level.


Then how do I get past 260?


Complete weekly stuff that give you legendary rewards, usually they give you more powerful stuff


Aren’t you supposed to hold off on those until you get to like 300?