Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Oh ok sorry for being annoying, I’m kinda new…


It’s ok, asking questions as a new forumer is the right way to do. But you chained them like a minigun IMO.
A minigun shooting questions, lol.


Lol sorry bout that.


Ok fellas time to either grind to 305 and then make a new character, or make a new character and then grind to 305 on my hunter!!!

Anyway, is it smart to decrypt exotic engrams right away? I know there is that Drang and Sturm quest later on, but these exotic engrams are just too tempting. I feel like I’m doing this power progression thing all wrong. I got to 220 and filled my bar like 3 times before I even finished the campaign. I was pretty much doing public events for a whole while. Does finishing the campaign at a higher level affect you negatively later on. I hope not.


Just to be sure, the milestones that give powerful gear are different from legendary gear, right?


You can do PVP to gain the tokens to turn in.

You’ll get a milestone telling you to talk to each of the leaders of the faction then you can pick one of em depending on which group you like or the item they are offering.

Highest number of tokens turned in by the end of the thing.

Naw just a timed PvE competition

The powerful gear gives you guaranteed light level above your current light level. The only other way to get increases in your LL if you’ve hit the soft cap is to grind for exotics.


Is it smart to turn in legendary gear milestones right when you finish them?


kinda sorta. You can maximize your gains by getting one checking your current legendary rewards level from the token turn in peeps and then farming for purples if they drop at a higher LL than your current gear or you can be lazy but it’ll take you an extra week or two


I love that ambience track.

Why such a track wasn’t made for Evolve? It’s so great!


So you mean I should do the strike milestone and claim my rewards from Zavala?


Do it then check to see if after claiming it and equipping/banking/infusing/whatevering if it raises the light level for the rewards enough for you to think it’s worthwhile claiming those rewards. Normally it’ll boost your drop level by like 1 or 2


Ok. I see then. One last question. Is it better to use legendary engrams when I get them, or save them up for the Sturm and Drang quest later on?


They aren’t exactly uncommon but unless you’re gaining light level by turning them in you might as well save them


Ok thanks.


Do engrams drop at your maximum power (the highest you be at after equipping all your best gear), or does it drop at your current power level?


Engrams drop at your highest light level based on items in your bank or on your character whether it’s equipped or not. If you have multiple characters you might have to swap weapons around if one of em has a higher level weapon


Does anyone know how to get Orpheus rig or celestial nighthawk?


Sacrifice a goat on the vernal equinox with a cold iron dagger as you recite the entire harry potter series backwards


:open_mouth: seriously


It’s a random chance exotic so there is no real way of assuring you’ll get one.