Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Guys I did it! I finally did it! I beat the campaign! I’m so happy!


The boss fight was quite easy.


What’s the platform you use for Destiny 2? Also, congratz for that but it ain’t finished yet.


Xbox One. Thanks, I’m surprised because ghaul was ridiculously easy. All I had to do was empty three supers into him, and I was done.


The ending of the game kind of makes me think that bungie won’t make a destiny 3

Of course, I haven’t played the dlcs yet, so I don’t exactly know what will happen next. I watched the curse of Osiris story, and there only seemed to be like 3 missions.


Xbox? Again? Uuuhg…I’m on PC


Do you have an Xbox One?


When the speaker dies, does that mean there will be a new speaker or something?


I do have an Xbox one, but I never use it because I don’t see much interrest in playing on it (my father plays it anyway).


I finished the campaign and talked to all the NPC’s and stuff. I got my sparrow, I got Skyburner’s oath, I got Quickfang, and I got Coldheart, there’s nothing else I missed out on, right? How are you supposed to get origin story? Was it not gifted from Zavala after you beat the campaign?

Edit: Also, what are factions? Do they give you special rewards, or something? Is it like a PvP thing?


You can get one of their assault rifle, but only if the faction that gives you the weapon is the winning faction. I have no idea how to make a faction win however.


So do you fight people in other factions? How do you join a faction?


I don’t think you fight people from other factions, and I joined the faction…“blindly” I’d like to say, without knowing how they all three allowed me to chose which to join.


How does a faction win? Is it sort of like a clan?


I just said it!


Oh sorry XD. Which faction did you choose?


Cult of the Future War, their armor is cool.


Oh ok, it’s symbol is the big F, right?




What does /10char even mean?


Jeez…so many questions.
The forum have a minimal character limit when posting, so people put /10char to allow short posts to be posted.