Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Yeah, the bonus on kill doesn’t last very long. But it’s a nice armor for PVP nonetheless. I once melee’d an ennemy who had this exotic armor, and two hits were enough to lower my health to 1/4.


I think the only warlock exotic I’ve gotten use out of is the boots that reload everyone’s weapon that stand inside your rift and even then I would only really use it for Callus since you’re standing in place a lot.


Um it only stores one charge and it doesn’t increase his melee damage it just deals damage when you melee them and it’s a tiny amount that won’t even kill a dreg aka the weakest fallen


This was the first Exotic I chose as a Titan and was super disappointed with it. Was actually pissed


Warlocks actually have some amazing exotics.


My first lesson in destiny was that I should always read the exotic perks. That’s the mistake I made when I picked lucky pants instead of Raiden flux.


So I havent gotten the cold heart gift that they give you for free, which is given to you at 215 power. I know that originally, since coldheart was the only trace rifle in the game, that you could infuse it with a higher power auto rifle. However, since there is Prometheus Lens now, does it mean you need a higher Prometheus lens to infuse the coldheart? I’ve heard good things about coldheart, like how it is good for Leviathan raid, and the perk where the longer you shoot, the more damage it does. And the reason I’m asking this is because the attack level of the coldheart gift is lower than my current power.

Also, I’m looking for tips on my gunslinger. Which path is better, the way of the sharpshooter or the other one. The sharpshooter is the path that grants instant reload for the knife on precision knife kills, and a longer super and more damage every time you hit a precision shot with the super. The other one (the one I’m using), grants an exploding knife among other things, and a 6 shot super with a shorter duration.


Both supers are the same length now 8 seconds

Also trace rifles still get upgraded by ARs


Ah that’s really good thank you.


Finally, I got my 1st looted exotic armor after like 12 exotic weapons!

It’s the one that drops light orbs when using your super and heals you when you use the barrier.


Nice. That’s pretty cool


Also, I found out that there’s a merchant in the hangar that sells exotic items for legendary shards, it’s the guy with the goop face. I should’ve known since the beggining…


You mean xur?


I don’t remember the name, but he sell a list of 4 exotic items and an overpriced exotic engram.


Yeah it’s xur

It’s a guaranteed exotic you don’t currently have


Ah, that might come in handy if I have a few items I don’t have in my collection.


I’m so close to finishing the campaign I’m on the boss fight. However, after the cutscene where Ghaul kills his teacher, I had to stop playing, and I don’t think it saved my progress. Does it mean I need to redo the campaign mission before, to destroy the almighty? I really hope I don’t need to. Anyway, as soon as I finish the campaign for my hunter, I’m making a warlock.

Also, the grenade for the gunslinger that sends drones after enemies is absolutely trash. The drones don’t seek enemies unless the grenade actually explodes on the enemy.


What are some good Hunter builds? I don’t have many exotics or legendaries, but I’m just trying to know what to look out for in the future.


I don’t have a hunter in my list of playable guardians, but I know a set that can be fun as a Titan. Sweet Business and Arctium War Rig. Instead of auto-reloading 5 ammo every 2 second, it auto-reloads 10 every 2 second for the Sweet Business, which allows you to shoot at full throttle for a much longer time.


Yeah I’ve heard those go well together.