Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


If I 2 identical legendary helmets, except one has 228 power and the other has 208, should i just trash the 208 one?


Yep unless you plan on using multiple subclasses but the same armour set(cause solar/void/arc mods for grenades, class abilities and melee recharge rate) or want to switch between 2 different shaders but don’t want to worry about running out.


I’m gonna be so lost on this game when I return


Ok thank you. It feels kinda wrong trashing legendary at a low power tho.


Meh they drop like candy I currently have 1k+ shards from disposing of legendaries


What I’d like to see in Destiny is a Modification system where you can pay an extra glimmer fee, maybe 1.5 times the price it took to attach a Mod, to remove a Mod from your gear. I hate having to dismantle old gear with some decent mods on them. I would also want the same for shaders.


rn I’m going through the story missions cuz I haven’t finished them, but I’m like 220+ power, so it’s kind of dumb. I finished the thumos boss battle in like 2 minutes cuz I just spammed him with my hardlight, then when I was out of ammo, I just spammed fusion Rifle. I kind of feel bad for not finishing the campaign. I look at those other dudes with their speeder bikes and I’m like :sob: why I no have a speeder bike. The first mission on Titan kind of ruined the campaign for me though.


Out of all three exotic weapons you can choose from in the campaign, Graviton Lance, Sunshot, and Riskrunner, which one do you think is the best. I picked sunshot for my hunter, but I want to make a warlock, so I wonder which one I should go for.




Oh. Ok thank you. What about the exotic armor?


I’m not familiar with the base starters of the Armor

I hate Pulse Rifles, so I ruled out the Graviton Lance
I hear the Sunshot sucks ass
But I fell in love with he Riskrunner and I use it nearly all the time. In PvE it’s great against Fallen especially Walkers (laughs manically)


Gravity Lance is ass, sunshot afaik is the best option and risk runner is erratic since you need to take arc damage for its perk to be useful


Arc damage is very common though, right? Pretty much all the fallen shoot arc damage, a lot of cabal legionaries shoot arc, the the taken shoot arc, I’m pretty sure only the hive don’t shoot arc.


Fallen also have some void, which is just servitors pretty sure

Hive are Solar and Void and sometimes Arc like witches and acolytes

Vex, I see a lot of Void, I think the Goblins fire Arc. Not sure. Then Hobgoblins are Solar

Cabal are Solar and Arc, void a bit I think


But, having resilience would lower the damage and you really only need one shot of it and killing a Target resets the duration.

It’s really OP if you ask me


Warlocks don’t have good Exotics IMO so just go with what you want. They should really add an exotic that brings back self res. I know it may be a handicap to some but it was super useful and gave the warlock a prominent role as for PvE plus Titan can still have bubble and hunters new arc ability is just a reskined arc blade.



Don’t you know that they have boots they fully reload your energy weapon when you sprint?
I have Gloves right now that start Health Regeneration on any Melee Hit


Best exotics in the game belong to hunters

Orpheus Rig and Celestial Nighthawk


The exotic armor piece I found the most interresting for PVP is for titans (but it’s the only exotic armor I have so far), I don’t remember the name since it’s a complicated one but I know it’s a pair of gauntlets and it does arc damage to any ennemy that melees you. Melee kills increase the arc damages dealt by the armor.


ACD/0 Feedback Fence

I’ve heard it’s pretty shit won’t even kill a dreg

Like it’s basically tops the worst exotic in Destiny 2 list