Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Better Devils, which I think most would consider one of the best hand cannons in the game. The problem is, I don’t have any legendary shards. I also have sunshot, though it’s not a legendary.


That hand cannon is a great one! I have it as well. If you want legendary shards, all you have to do is to recycle legendary items you want to get rid of, exotic items work as well.


That’s the problem, I’m only like 220 pl, so I don’t exactly have infinite loads of legendary items to recycle at hand.


Well…the best I can recommend for you is to farm. That’s all I have to say for that. Explore a bit the planets, do some strikes, etc…


Ok I did get a couple of legendary and exotic engrams, do you think I should open them, or wait for my power to get higher?


Open them, their strength doesn’t grow, it stays fixed. The higher is your strength, the higher the strength of the looted engrams is. Don’t keep your engrams forever.
Also, if you have engrams that have a superior strength compared to yours, open them and use the item that you got.


Really? I got a crucible engram yesterday, I didn’t open it, because it was at 214 power, but when I went to Lord shaxx today, the power of the engram was at 224.


I checked on the internet and people say that you should decrypt them as soon as possible.
However, engrams from NPCs grow with your level (unlike engrams you looted from exploration), so be sure to not open an engram from an NPC if you are not higher than 300.


Even at a low power? I mean I’m only 220, so I think they will quickly become useless if I decrypt them too quickly.


No, they’ll become useless if you decrypt them too late (if they’re legendary).


How come? They’ll be higher power, right?


As I said, engrams you looted have a fixed power. If for example you are of power 220 and loot an engram of 223, decrypt it as soon as you can, it’ll give you an item of power 223.
If however you have a power of 300 and kept an engram of 223, the decrypted engram will still give you an item of power 223 instead of 300.


Ah I see. Ok I’ll try to get them as soon as i can, then. Thanks for the help, by the way.


Do exotic engrams obtained from the crucible increase in power?


Just because I wanna know, what’s the final boss for destiny?


Ghaul is the campaign boss though the “final” boss will depend on what the most recent raid boss is. Which would be Argos Planetary Core from the World Eater Lair raid.


What about for destiny 1? Also, do the exotic engrams from the crucible increase in power as your own power increases?


Dunno I never played D1 cause it wasn’t available on PC

The engrams that drop from completing crucible that you redeem at the cryptarch don’t level up

The engrams you get from turning in crucible tokens are the ones that level up you can get exotics from these but you’ll never get exotic engrams from turning in the tokens


I got hardlight and it’s a beast tho I’m sad cuz soon I’m gonna get a higher power energy weapon. It’s only at 229.


Just farm purples for a bit and then infuse an AR into it if you like it. You don’t need very many