Destiny 2 Official Discussion Thread


Did you sleep at all??


Got the limited edition + the collectors edition guide ouo


A game guide? What are you, 10?


I know you’re just a tryhard


I like buying the books to read. D:



There IS a solo option, right?

I mean, I know I will need an internet connection, but is it optional to play online?


It depends, you can play the story mission alone. For everything else (including exploration) you may find people and there is others activities where you have to play with others (Strikes, PVP,…)



That’s kind of disappointing. Thank you, though.


It’s kind of like an MMO. You can do pretty much everything solo, but you will encounter other players in the world.


Well that was really my question. It’s got no matchmaking options to make it solo, either.


Music is so good. D:


What class did you choose?


I picked hunter. ouo


Gross, I don’t do capes. :face_with_monocle: #warlockgang


Don’t buy it if you want to play solo, it kinda is the core of the game to play with other players.


I’m level 20 now!!! Beat campaign. ouo


What do I do now after beating it? D:


Regret every life decision you’ve ever made.


Ah, my titan. ^^;;


Not good enough become master race warlock